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Z-CoiLs On The Catwalk

z-coil shoes on the catwalk

Here's a fashion trend we at Z-CoiL wholly embrace: the ugly shoe trend. Fashion writer Jenna Igneri wrote about this trend recently in the online women's style magazine Refinery29:

I’m certainly not alone in my newfound love of “ugly” footwear. While many people scoff at some of the latest shoe styles — Bottega Veneta’s Puddle Boots, Christopher Kane’s Z-Coil sandal, Balenciaga’s many styles of Crocs, etc. — many more are taking out their credit cards.

“Ugly fashion attracts attention because it is different,” explains Carolyn Mair, Ph.D., a cognitive psychologist who specializes in fashion. We tend to ignore “normal” or average objects since we know how to process them, she says, but we pay more attention to complex or unusual objects — ugly shoes included.

By drawing the viewer’s attention, she adds, ugly fashion becomes fascinating. “It may be considered aesthetically unpleasing,” she says, “but it’s this exact feature that appeals to others… Wearing something different that draws attention could be interpreted as risk-taking, which may be perceived as exciting, adventurous, and fun.” 

z-coil spring shoes fashion

Extroverts have long been attracted to Z-CoiL shoes precisely because they're different and draw people's attention. More than once, we've heard our customers describe Z-CoiLs as conversation starters, because people can't help but ask, what are you wearing?

Indeed Z-CoiL's are so unique, and so noticeable, high end fashion brands are starting to feature our patented pain relief footwear in fashion shows. UK designer Christopher Kane did this a few years ago, adding his own embellishments to our Sidewinder Sandal and our Legend Velcro, and having models showcase them on the catwalk.

z-coil spring shoes on the fashion runway

The iconic fashion magazine Harpar's Bazaar had this to say about the collaboration between Christopher Kane and Z-CoiL:

Although the collection did feature some more typically glamorous embellished heels and boots, there were also pairs of trainers with the spring heel, made in collaboration with Z-Coil.

An orthopaedic shoe brand teaming up with a high-fashion label may seem like a surprising development, but this is actually not altogether that shocking a move for Kane. For the last few seasons, he has teamed up with Crocs – perhaps fashion's most infamous 'ugly' footwear...

It looks as if the 'ugly shoe' trend is well and truly back. Hey, at least we'll be comfortable.

Remember this next time you worry about your Z-CoiLs being too ugly to wear. You could say Z-CoiL shoes are so unfashionable...they're fashionable.

z-coil spring shoes fashion show