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The Impossibles: Jody

Meet Jody, who has an amazing before and after story to share. He really needed to be more active to lose weight and improve his health, which was getting worse every year. But he had a bad back and a ruptured calf muscle, so he found it almost impossible to exercise. Then he found Z-CoiL.

z-coil customer testimonial jody

Jody says: the top photo is my before part of the story. With a bad back and a ruptured lower right calf muscle walking to lose weight and improve my health was very difficult. After seeing another big man who was wearing these funny looking shoes with springs that I’d seen nurses wear, I had to ask him if they helped. He told me that they made a major difference in his back and hips. So I decided to get a pair to see for myself. All I could remember was that they had springs and the letter Z in their name. I found a pair, bought them and I haven’t looked back since! What an amazing difference! I’ve been able to actually walk enough to lose a considerable amount of weight and feel a Zillion times better. The bottom picture speaks for itself. Thank you Zcoil.