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Using Z-CoiLs to Get Through Long Shifts

If you are one of the millions of people world-wide who make their living working long shifts, we salute you! You, our medical staff, retail clerks, baristas, restaurant personnel, teachers, hairdressers, mail carriers—we could go on for a long time here!—deserve every moment off that you get. Sit down and put your feet up or go get a massage. Can we bring you a coffee?

It hurts doesn’t it? You whole body tightens up and complains when you’re up and at ‘em hour after hour. And your feet? There’s no way to describe the soreness to someone who hasn’t experienced it, although ‘bone-deep aching exhaustion’ comes close. You need shoes for long standing hours to keep your feet comfortable!

Z-CoiL Nurses & Doctors Using Z-CoiLs to Get Through Long Shifts Pain Relief Orthotic Shoes

Tips and Tricks

You are not alone. Plenty of people have discovered ways to make those long stands more tolerable for both mind and body. Here are a few:

  • Make sure you stretch: Move around, flex your muscles, bend your knees, do toe raises and hip swivels (maybe save those for when you’re on break…). It sounds odd to think movement will help you feel better after standing up for a long time, but it will.
  • Stay hydrated: When your body dehydrates, you’ll feel tired, maybe get a headache, and your muscles will have a tendency to tighten or even cramp. Hydrate!
  • Keep fed: Your blood sugar needs to stay steady in order for you to feel alert and energetic. Avoid snacks that will spike your energy levels and then leave you in a slump, and avoid going without food also. A happy medium is your goal here.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: If you already have to be on your feet for hours and hours, make sure you’re comfortable. This is not the time to make snappy fashion statements – unless of course your snappy fashion statements are loose and comfy.
  • Protect your feet: Aside from your brain, your feet are your best asset at a job where you stand for long periods of time. After all, if you can’t stand, you can’t work. So wear pressure socks even though they maybe aren’t the cutest things in the world, and invest in comfortable shoes for long shifts. They are worth their weight in gold for us long-standing folk.

My Feet! My Aching Feet!

When you stand on your feet for hours without proper footwear, the results can be anything from blisters or toenail fungus to plantar fasciitis or varicose veins. There’s a huge range of painful possibilities waiting just around the corner.

Remember that old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Here’s where that saying fits into modern day life. It would be far simpler to prevent damage and injury to your feet in the first place rather than to try to recuperate from it with life trying to move on like normal around you in spite of your injuries and pain.

Z-CoiL was designed for situations just like these and sells the best shoes for long shifts. Our founder, an avid runner, owned his own shoe store, but when he developed the pain problems common to runners, he found out the shoes on the market didn’t help his feet. He developed our now-famous shoes specifically to relieve the foot problems that come from a high-impact life.

After years of revising his shoe design, he finally came up with the perfect balance of firm support, cushioning, and impact-absorption. Our design has been perfected and patented and has gotten over a million feet back out the door to work and play. These are the ideal shoes for long standing hours and will keep your feet feeling great. Say goodbye to foot pain once and for all! We’re so sure our shoes will help your foot pain that we offer a 30-day risk-free guarantee. Try Z-CoiLs for 30 days. Use them hard—really put them through their paces! And if they don’t meet your expectations, return them in any condition for a refund of your purchase price. Contact us today if you have questions about any of our shoes or need help finding the perfect option for your lifestyle.