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The Painted Coil

Artist Phyllis Miller has been wearing Z-CoiL since 2007 and has applied her unique style of art to the many pairs of Z-CoiLs she owns. She sent us these photos of her work and we are posting them here for everyone to enjoy.

z-coil shoes as artwork

This is the long-ago style, known as "The Lauren." I wish Z-Coils would bring this style back.

painted z-coil shoes

It was my favorite dressy pair; art applied to allow me to expand the occasion to wear my Z-CoiLs.

artistic z-coil shoes

My faboo blue pair to wear with jeans and dress jeans.

personalized z-coil shoes

My go-to "Running shoes," I use the art on shoe creation to bring me a sense of going fast (HaHa).

z-coil shoes as works of art

My vibrant art on shoes to wear with slacks, jeans, etc.

Thank you Phyllis! You've certainly inspired us.