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The Impossibles: Brad

Meet Brad, who is a restaurant manager with type two diabetes. Brad wrote us recently to tell us how Z-CoiL shoes have been a lifesaver. 

Brad says, "If anybody knows about restaurant work, you know restaurant managers are on their feet quite a bit. I used to wear conventional flat shoes and by the end of my shift (10 hours) my feet and body hurt so bad that I couldn't stand up. When I would get home my wife had to help me out of the car."

Things were looking pretty dire until Brad found Z-CoiL and he was able to keep working.

z-coil customer testimonial brad

Brad continues his story: 

Now that I wear Z-Coils, I have no pain in my feet at all not even diabetic pain!!! The other day I ended up working a double shift which turned out to be about 17 to 18 hours and thanks to my Z-Coils, I could have went dancing after my shift was over.

Thanks Z-Coil for being there when I needed you!!!!


Brad Velliquette

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