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The Importance of Right Shoe Fit

The Importance of Right Shoe Fit. Pain Relief Footwear for all walks of life

Anyone who has ever suffered foot pain knows first-hand how debilitating it can be. Wincing your way through aching, pinching steps, or feeling your arches, ankles, knees or back groan in misery is not an easy way to get through your day.

Sitting down or laying down may provide a much needed break, but let’s be honest, most of us can’t just interrupt our daily schedule and rest whenever our body demands it. No, this type of discomfort has to be solved another way.

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

The average man in America owns 12 pair of shoes, and the average woman owns 27 pair. That’s an overall average of roughly 19 pair of shoes per person in America. Yes, we are indeed spoiled! But for all our efforts at fashion, how many of us can say our shoes really support our feet and body the way they should?

If our shoes did support our feet and bodies, a whopping 80% of us wouldn’t suffer from chronic foot pain, now would we?

How to Choose Shoes that Fit

Choosing shoes seems like it ought to be a simple enough thing to do, but apparently, given the pain statistic above, it isn’t. For example, 49% of women complain that high heels hurt their feet, but still own an average of nine pair of heels each. And 38% of women said they will wear high heels that they know hurt their feet if they like how the shoes look.

Clearly some education on how to choose a good-fitting shoe is in order here!

Here are some tips from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons:

  • Have your feet measured when you shop for shoes. Feet tend to get larger as we age, so assuming you’re still the size you were in high school when your feet quit growing is a sure way to end up with shoes that pinch.
  • Try on shoes in the afternoon or evening. Your feet tend to swell during the day, so what feels great in the morning may be hurting like crazy by evening.
  • Try on both shoes. Most people’s feet aren’t shaped exactly the same and usually one foot will be larger. Try on both, make sure you can wiggle all your toes freely, and that both shoes feel good from front to back.
  • Don’t get stuck on the size. Shoe brands vary in size just like clothes do. If the size you normally wear doesn’t fit, get a size that does. The fit is more important than the number.

Solutions are Out There

Foot pain and the body pains that can easily come from it are often preventable with a little knowledge. Here at Z-CoiL we specialize in understanding how to care for and prevent the various pains that can come from your feet by providing shoes that fit correctly. Over the years, we’ve developed a patented shoe design that provides just the right combination of support, cushioning, and angling to keep you active and pain-free.

Z-CoiL shoes have helped out over a million feet now, and our family just keeps growing. Our 30-day risk-free guarantee encourages people to try us out and find out for themselves how good their feet can feel in a properly designed shoe.

Your life is waiting for you. Don’t let foot pain or poorly fitting shoes slow you down. You are your own greatest asset, so invest in your foot health and get back to enjoying life pain-free.