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Staying Active in Warmer Weather

Taking care of yourself when being active in spring and summer, including tips on skin care and hydration

It is getting awfully nice out. Nice enough to set aside all those cold weather excuses from the last few months and venture outdoors for some fun in the sun.

Yes, it gets hot out there. Yes, sometimes the wind blows or it throws down a little rain, and yes, there are bugs. But there’s also warmth and laughter, fun, and group activities that just don’t happen the rest of the year. Get out there and enjoy! Below are a few simple precautions that will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of warm weather activity.

Be Vain, But Smart

If you are preparing to go outside into that gloriously balmy air to walk, jog, bike, play beach volleyball, or go cliff-diving (it could happen…), now is the time to be self-centered. Think about yourself in all your end-of-winter glory. Lovely image, isn’t it?

If you’re like most people, by the end of a long winter, you may have thick heels, patchy elbows, dull skin, and plenty of dry itchy spots. Even though hiding may be your first inclination, don’t cover those things up. Scrub yourself down with a skin polisher, slather on a good sunscreen—which has the added benefit of moisturizing your skin—and go outside where that big golden ball of healing energy and warmth in the sky can work its magic on you. You’ll feel better in no time.

Heat Can Be Exhausting

Heat exhaustion is nothing to take lightly. It can cause confusion, fatigue, dizziness, muscle or abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, racing heart, and a host of other nasty symptoms that indicate your body is just plain overheated and can’t handle it anymore.

Stay hydrated! Here’s an interesting comparison for you: The average person loses between 27 and 47 ounces of water per hour when they exercise. The record for losing the most sweat in an hour of exercise is 125 ounces. That’s a lot!

But…the world record for sweat loss in one hour actually belongs to a resting body in a hot environment; 169 ounces in an hour, simply from being in a hot place! (This was probably much hotter than the average summer day, but still!)

Imagine how much water your body can go through if you’re doing something active and it’s hot out! You need to be prepared for that. Hydrate, but hydrate smart. When you sweat you lose water, but other minerals as well. Make sure you replace your sweat with electrolytes so your body’s mineral levels stay in balance.

Warm Weather Style

What you wear when it’s hot out can make a huge difference. Keep your clothing loose, light-colored, and made from breathable natural fibers. Cotton, linen, and silk aren’t just awesome to wear, they’re smart choices too.

Loose styles let air circulate between your body and the clothing, which just plain feels good. And as far as light colors go, there’s a reason they have a starring role in summer fashions. Light colors reflect light back, where dark color absorb it. You will actually stay cooler in light colors.

Summer is also the time for a hat that will shade your face and/or neck. A pretty scarf will help protect your scalp. And if you’re going to an outdoor event where you’ll be in the sun for several hours, don’t forget to bring a nice big umbrella.

If your skin is particularly susceptible to burning, here’s a tip not many people know about: sun protective clothing. Clothing that’s light and breathable, but made with UV protection built right in. What a wonderful stylish option!

It’s summer out! Gear up and head outdoors for some fun in the sun. Don’t forget your Z-CoiL sandals. We’ll protect your feet all day—you go have a good time.