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How To Walk: Learning Proper Walking Technique

Taking frequent walks is one of the easiest and best ways to immediately improve your health. Walking keeps your cardiovascular system healthy; helps you lose weight and keep it off; strengthens your bones and muscles; and improves your mood and energy. Walking is living.

To fully capture all the health benefits of walking, you must walk properly.

Yes, there is a right way to walk. And never it’s too late to learn how to walk properly.

The key thing to know is that to walk properly, you need to be aware of your body’s movements and be intentional about how to direct those movements. Many people do not really pay attention to the way they walk, and just do so out of habit. Often times, they walk in a way that’s more akin to falling forward and then stepping to catch themselves. The problem is that this places all the strain in exactly the wrong places of your body.

proper walking technique

So how do you walk properly? Here are some tips:

  • Good Posture: it all starts with good posture. Keep your back straight, without bending it forward or arching it backwards. This way your back muscles are exercised properly, and support your body’s weight as you walk.
  • Head High: keep your chin up, parallel to the ground and hold your head high so you are looking straight ahead. This helps you maintain good posture and not overly strain your spine. Not to mention, you’re less likely to bump into things!
  • Relaxed Shoulders: avoid tensing up your shoulders and let them move naturally as you walk. This way your muscles get good blood flow, and you do not unnecessarily strain your upper body.
  • Swing Your Arms: move your arms forward and back, gently swaying them with each step. Avoid swinging them side to side. This will maximize blood flow to your extremities, as well as exercise your arm muscles. Keep your elbows slightly bent.
  • Bend Your Knees: avoid locking your knees and keeping a rigid gait, which puts excessive pressure on your bones. Instead, by bending your knees, you distribute the load between your skeletal structure and your muscles.
  • Walk Smoothly: use your entire foot to propel yourself forward in one fluid motion, starting with your heel and then rolling onto your toes. This is what your foot is designed to to, and the best way to carry the load.

Next time you go for a walk, focus on the movements of each part of your body, and be purposeful about how you move. You should notice a difference.

There are two kinds of tired: the tired that comes from unduly straining your body and being under stress, and the tired that comes from properly working out your muscles and bones. The first kind of tired is painful, the second kind is delightful.

Z-CoiL helps you get to the delightful kind of tired where it feels good to exercise your bones and muscles. Z-CoiL takes away the pain, so you can walk longer and walk better. When you wear Z-CoiL, you don’t have to alter your posture or change your gait because it hurts to walk. You can keep your back straight, chin up, and walk the way your body is supposed to move.