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Engineered for Pain Relief: Z-Orthotic

Engineered For Pain Relief

Z-CoiL is more than just footwear — it is a meticulously engineered tool designed by pain relief experts with a thorough understanding of how your feet's bones, ligaments, and muscles function during movement. Every component in Z-CoiL serves a purpose. Together, they protect, support, cushion, and help these vital bones and tissues as you walk.

Built-In Orthotic

One of the key components in every pair of Z-CoiL's is the Z-Orthotic. This rigid orthotic is made from Zytel, a high-end industrial-grade polymer. These built-in Zytel orthotics are durable while still providing enough flex to stay strong for thousands and thousands of steps. On the other hand, most orthotics are made from thin, flexible plastic. They twist and even bend, providing very little structural support for the plantar ligaments in your foot. Anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis who has tried Z-CoiL knows the Z-Orthotic is a lifesaver.