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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can Z-CoiL buy back my stock?

A: No. Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase the stock back from our shareholders. 

In order to buy back stock from a shareholder, we would have to initiate a public offering and offer to purchase the stock from every shareholder.  We cannot do that at this time.


Q: Can I sell my stock?

A:  Yes – technically you can sell your stock to parties outside Z-Tech Inc., however no trading market exists that we are aware nor are there individuals interested in buying Z-CoiL stock. 

We don’t envision there will be an active market for the Z-CoiL shares until the company becomes more profitable.  Each year we produce shareholder financial statements which record the health of the company.  We recommend that you keep your email updated with us, so we can forward these important documents to you.  We also have an open shareholder meeting the first Saturday of November each year that you are invited to attend and ask specific questions.


Q:  What is my stock worth?

A:   There is no way of knowing the value per share as there is no market for the shares. 

We are actively seeking liquidity options for shareholders.  This could take the form of a sale of the company, distribution of profits annually (dividend) or generating enough profit whereby additional shareholders begin seeking the purchase of Z-Tech stock.    

For tax or valuation purposes, the last known price of the shares which was $1 per share.  Our last stock offering ended in July of 2012.  The stock sold for $1 at that time and we have not had any offerings since. 


Q:  How is the company doing?

A:   The company is currently stable but not producing enough revenue to generate liquidity options for shareholders.

The recession starting in 2007 was particularly hard on Z-CoiL.  At that time, we had just finished our national franchise roll-out.  At our peak we had over 400 stores nationwide that either carried Z-CoiL as a product extension or as a full-fledged franchise store where Z-CoiL was the main brand.  These stores began to lose profitability during the recession and most closed their doors, requiring Z-CoiL to dramatically change our business model from retail to online. We experienced losses from 2007 until 2016 when we began to see a small profit. 

While online is growing, we have a long way to go before we believe we will have enough revenue and profit to sell the company or divide the profits among shareholders (dividends), or create enough excitement to generate an active trading market for the shares.

We realize that it has been over a decade since our last offering – so we empathize with you as a shareholder that this investment has not generated a return.  This was certainly not our intent and we continue to focus our business efforts and strategies with the intent to provide a return as soon as possible.


Q:  Where can I see the annual report and financial statements of the company?

A: and each year will post our earnings under the same link with the respective year.  Example…/shareholders2018

Our fiscal year ends on June 30th of each year and we have our annual shareholder meeting on the first Saturday of November.  We will notify you in advance how the meeting will be held.  Either in person or via Zoom.