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Beth Johnson  - Verified Buyer

My recent purchase was my first on-line. I’ve always purchased from a store in Phoenix until it closed and I relocated. I was worried that this purchase would not go as smoothly. Because I was familiar with (and love) the product I took a chance and am glad I did. The fit and quality met my expectations and shipping was handled well. My only regret is that I waited so long to place my order.

Marisol G. Verified Buyer

I’ve been working in retail for 18 years straight and have tried all kinds of shoes that would give my feet and my body the comfort and support that is needed to be able to stand up for long hours, And the funny thing that happened was that after being loyal client to a shoe co ( which we won’t disclose the name)an incident with this co reminded me of ZCOIL shoes through a client I saw wearing, which stuck in my mind for many years and with the challenges that our golden years bring I could not be happier what a big difference my new Toffler clogs have given me my energy back, no more back pain Or in my heels. Thank You ZCOIL for making a difference!! 



Henry M.  - Verified Buyer

I have had 7 surgeries on my left knee and 1 on my right knee so pain is pretty much a part of walking. I finally decided it was time to try the Zcoil work boots and couldn't be more pleased. They have significantly reduced the pain I usually experience while working on my feet. The quality of the boot has surprised me. I work at a mining facility and so far the boots are doing great. There wasn't any break in period as they were comfy from the start. 

Stephanie P.  - Verified Buyer

I have waited awhile to post this review on the Prime Workboot to give time to use them several times for their intended purpose - hiking. Just like with the other Z-coils I have (Olivia boots and Freedom Classics), I am still Team Z-coil. The Prime Workboots have been wonderful for hiking because I need the extra ankle support. The comfort I have come to cherish and expect from Z-coil is true to form. I do add my own insole, however, the insole alone in other non Z-coil shoes wasn't cutting it. Z.coils have truly changed my life for the better. No longer do I suffer with lower back pain or foot pain that makes me scrunch my face every time I have to move.



Rollin Brask - Verified Buyer

I have had pain in my left heal for the past 2 years getting out of bed in the mornings. After some research I found that it is plantar fasciitis. I was at the Minnesota State Fair after walking for about 4 hours around the fair my feet were starting to flair up with pain. We were in the grandstand looking around and saw the Sprong booth owned by Julie Molde. My wife and I went in and met a customer who said he was on his third pair. I decided to try on a pair and went for a test walk about 100 yards. when I got back to the booth the discomfort in my feet was gone. I bought a pair and today is the second day wearing them. Also today is the first day in two years I did not limp to the bathroom this morning from the plantar fasciitis. 
Thank you Z-Coil...

Amy a.  - Verified Buyer

I have tried everything including foot injections , all type of inserts, different types of shoes ..These are the BEST shoes.. Well worth the money, I’m saving up for my second pair so I can wear it in the operating room 



Cindy S. - Verified Buyer

My husband loves these shoes. They cushion the pressure on his spine when walking and he is able to walk farther than with regular shoes. 

 Laura k.  - Verified Buyer

 These shoes are wonderful. Service is impecable. Boots did great on 2 hikes. Very supportive and great grip on Rocky terrain. Need to get used to them tho, as you have less "feel" for the ground. But it also keeps your feet and joints from hard contact from pounding up and down the trail. Liked them so much, also got the tennis shoe for regular walking. Am amazed that I can adjust to give my flat foot more inner support. Never had that option before, in Any other foot wear! Amazing designed shoes!

 Linda B.  - Verified Buyer

Been wearing Z-Coils since ‘08-highly recommend them.

Dave Clark  Verified Buyer

I work trade show sales. Without these shoes, I wouldn’t be able to do that, period. I also workout most days, and the one time I didn’t wear my Z’s, i had to go to an urgent care facility because my tendinitis flared up for the first time in years. Gym rules can go hang, I am wearing my Z’s in the gym from now on.



Kenneth S. - Verified Buyer

Now when I walk or hike my feet and back don't ache like they have for years. 

Rebecca E.  - Verified Buyer

I was very skeptical about ordering shoes on line, but after years of foot and ankle pain, I was willing to do whatever it took for some relief. I have been wearing my ZCOILS for 3 weeks now and my pain has decreased significantly. 

 Lisa H. - Verified Buyer

 I have worn z-coils for 9 years now at my job as a cashier. I am only on my third pair because I lost my second pair, which was still had some good years in them, in a flood. I recommend them to friends and customers. The website is very easy and when I accidentally ordered the wrong pair and realized it as soon as I hit the submit button, Jennifer in customer service quickly and effortlessly made it right. Will order again from them when the time comes!



V Perkins - Verified Buyer


After a total knee and then12 mths later a revision, I developed Plantar Fasciitis due to my gait. Scale from 1-10 pain levels, I was at a 10! I bought 6 pairs of shoes for those with Plantar Fasciitis and all helped a little, but the terrible pain never went away completely and always returned fully after a few days. I was watching this young guy on youtube about Plantar Fasciitis and he mentioned that he had been in a wheelchair for 5 mths because the pain was so bad and he got z coils and they were first shoes he could wear with no pain. Well this hit me in the face, I research these z coils, I saw how expensive they were, so I decided that I had to try them on. My daughter drove me an hour and half away to do it. The gentleman was very helpful, he measured my feet and scanned them. I found out why the inserts I had never worked on both feet, one had high arch and the other med. Anyway I stood up and for first time in 2 years I had no pain! I walked around the store and I could walk! We had to order the shoes since I wanted white and he only had black in my size. They came quickly. I put them on and felt free to go out and walk. You don't know how great it felt to be able to go to the store and not hurt. After several mths, I was able to wear the other shoes I had gotten, but find that I must go back to my z coils to keep my legs and heals from getting any pain. These have been a great blessing to me. Thank you for a great product!

Cassandra P.  - Verified Buyer

Omg these are the best shoes for my feet worth every dollar

Donnie C.  - Verified Buyer

This is not my first time purchasing shoes from Z-Coil. This will not be my last time either. The web site is straight forward and the follow up customer service was extremely good, including the tracking information provided. Most of all the shoes are great, durable, and are quite attractive.



Bonnie V.  - Verified Buyer

The best! Highly recommend shoes, they are not just shoes, but a way of life, for better posture and freedom from pain.

Mary V.  - Verified Buyer

I'm on my feet so much and on concrete flooring. It's been extremely hard. Foot, knee and back pain. 
My z-coils have made it possible for me to continue working. I have herniated discs in my neck and lower back that press on my spinal cord. These have helped so much! Highly recommend these amazing shoes!

Thomas F.  - Verified Buyer

It dramatically reduces whatever stresses the plantar fascia. I was able to walk around at the mall without making the problem much worse. Nothing else worked. These did!




Candyce R.  - Verified Buyer

My second pair of sandals. Having a skinny foot I need the adj straps to keep them on. I have worked in z-coils for over 10 years and wear then daily

Willie S.  - Verified Buyer

These are my favorites. I have the clogs, sneakers and the sandals but the sandals are my favorites. I can wear them to Church on Sunday as well as to the beach - which is why they are my favorites. I have Plantar and Sciatic pain on my left side and I can barely walk without these shoes on. They are great! I am also a advertisement for Z-Coil Footwear. I have people on the street stop and ask me about the shoes and I have them take a pic of the Z-Coil on the back of my sandals and tell them what comfort they give. Hope you get a lot of sales!

Cynthia P.  - Verified Buyer

Pure joy from day one, needed no "breaking in" time. I love how much energy I still have when I get home from work! Thank you!!!

 Ann Cutler - Verified Buyer

Years ago I bought my first pair of Z-Coils. I was amazed. I could walk forever and never get tired. I out lasted my kids going everywhere. No back pain, I could stand and not be uncomfortable. In the year of 2005 I trained my legs to exercise and walk because I was planning a trip with my daughter to New York. I built my legs up for the trip wore the Side Winders and walked all over New York for two weeks and never got tired. My daughter who was 14 at the time and was so tired she begged me to stay in for a day and to do nothing except get room service. I can't tell you how great these shoes are you have to experience them for yourself. Oh, and they are slip resistant so even if you walk in puddles, and go into a building you don't loose your footing easily. It is hard to fall in them which is great, because now I am older. This is my 4th pair of z-coils. They are worth every penny you spend on them.


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