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Over 1 Million Pair Sold

The Original Spring Shoe Company Since 1995

We never imagined we would sell over 1 million pair of shoes!  Our original idea was simply to develop a better technology to keep us running.  Z-CoiL was the first spring shoe company, and since our inception in 1995, we have had many shoe companies copy our idea.  We applaud their efforts to help people but none work as effectively or last as long as Z-CoiL. Since 1995, we have been blessed with thousands of fans including a few high profile celebrities like Helena Bonham Carter, Lenny Kravitz, Dustin Hoffman, Shirley MacLaine, Robert DeNiro, Margaret Cho, the Google founders and even former President Bill Clinton. We have also been featured on Good Morning America, The Doctors, CNN, Wired Magazine and more.  Many of our best customers opened specialty Z-CoiL shoe stores nationwide.  If you would like to get involved in distributing Z-CoiL footwear call us at 800.268.6239. The unusual appearance of Z-CoiL surprises many people. Transformative technologies often look a little strange at first. Not only are Z-CoiL's remarkably stable, but they glide across any surface giving the user true mobility and freedom, while protecting the foot and body from stress and damage.



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