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Replacement Coils

All Z-CoiL springs are replaceable.  If you are not sure what springs to reorder for your shoes please call us at 800-268-6239.  You can also go our “shop” page and look for the replacement parts for your particular shoe style.  Replacement parts are shown in the description.   We have two styles of replacement coils;  slip resistant or standard off road.  Both styles are offered in an open or an enclosed coil.  Each shoe comes standard with one of these four styles in a color combination that coincides with the upper of the shoe.  You can link to the replacement coils here:

SR 1.0 Open CoilOpen Coil with Slip Resistant Outsole: Click here:

DSC_5397aOpen Coil with Standard Off-road Outsole: Click here:

admin-ajaxEnclosed Coil with Slip Resistant Outsole:  Click here:

ECS ROEnclosed Coil with Standard Off-road Outsole:  Click here:


The 2.0 coils fit all shoe uppers make in China (check your shoe label).  These fit the Cruiser, Z-Walker, Freedom, Desert Hiker, Workforce and Z-Force boots.  You can link to the replacement coils here:


How To Install Coil Covers:




How To Replace Coils:

Resoling your Z-CoiL shoe:

If you need to resole your Z-CoiL shoes in the forefoot, please contact your local shoe cobbler or shoe repair shop.

How to tighten your springs:

Step 1.  Remove the insole from each shoe.

Step 2.  Below the insole is a "trap door."  Lift up the door and tighten the screw with a Phillips screwdriver.  Use caution not to strip the screw.  If your springs continue to become loose you can add a non permanent thread locker to the screw.

Step 3.  Reference the following video to see a demonstration:

If you remove your spring, occasionally the “Z-Nut” will fall inside the spring.  In this case you need to Re-glue the "Z-Nut" to the spring. The Z-Nut is the washer that attaches the spring to the shoe.  Watch the following video demonstration regarding reattachment.   

Your local dealer has the tools to help you with these adjustments.  If there is no dealer in your area – please call us with questions.  

Squeaky springs:

 Squeaking or clicking springs are usually due to a slight gap in the glue between the metal spring and the rubber heel pad.  WD-40 or a similar lubricant applied where the spring begins to rise out of the heel pad will stop the squeak.  

Broken coils:

Call us for replacement of your broken coils.  Breakage of the patented steel coils is covered by a limited lifetime warranty (Does not include wear of the heel pad or attaching mechanism).  No proof of purchase is required. Send to:

Z-CoiL Returns

6932 4th Street NW

Albuquerque, NM 87107



  All Z-CoiL springs can be adjusted for over-pronation (feet that roll too far inward).  By rotating the Z-CoiL springs you can add more tension to the inside of your foot.  This will help to prevent your foot from rotating too far inward.   We recommend visiting a dealer to make this adjustment.  If there are no dealers in your area please call us at 800.268.6239.


  over pronation graphic


This is the standard position of the coils from the company. The strong side of the spring is set on the outside of your foot.

Z-CoL Spring Stock Position for a nomal gait

  For pronation adjustment, remove the coils and turn the coils as follows based on your level of pronation.

 Image explaining how to rotate the Z-CoiL spring for moderate and severe pronation


How to clean your shoes:

  All Z-CoiL shoes can be cleaned with warm water and soap.  We recommend replacing your insoles once every six months. An excellent insole choice is our Z-Fit adjustable insole:

Z-Fit custom arch insole from Z-CoiL