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If you work on a hard concrete floor you know that it is a essential to have shoes that will relieve the stress on your feet, your legs and your back.  Concrete is the hardest surface you could work on.  A concrete floor has no "give" and therefore can lead to irreversible damage to the body.  In most cases working for long periods of time on a concrete floor will lead to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, sciatica, back pain or joint pain.


You are more than likely working on a concrete floor if you work in a medical field, retail, hospitality, the food industry, the automotive industry, the service industry, or manufacturing. It is highly recommended that you use shoes that provide a great shock absorption, great fit and ankle support.  Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® were built to provide more shock absorption than any other shoe and the maximum shock absorption that can feasibly fit into a shoe.  Here is how it works:   


We build a steel shock absorber right into the shoe!

The Z-CoiL spring makes each step safer and softer. The unique replaceable conical coil design reduces impact to your body up to 50% more than conventional shoes. And since impact is the primary cause of foot, leg and back pain, your body will notice an immediate difference. Walking in Z-CoiL is unlike anything you have felt before. Some people describe the feeling like gliding.  Each step feels easy, light and enjoyable. Your body will love the Z-CoiL spring (shock absorber). Our shock absorber has been tested by the United States Department of Energy through the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories.  Read their results here: US Department of Energy.    


We build an orthotic right into the shoe also!

The Z-Orthotic is a “rigid” foundation built into every Z-CoiL extending from the ball of the foot to the heel. It works by mirroring the shape of your foot which equalizes pressure across your bottom of your foot, reducing fatigue and pressure points. Equally important the Z-Orthotic supports your plantar ligaments which eliminate painful conditions in the foot like plantar fascia and heel spurs. You will notice improved posture, stability and confidence in each step. The Z-Orthotic makes walking or hiking on uneven or hard surfaces a breeze. Custom orthotics can be used in Z-CoiL footwear, but are often unnecessary, since the built-in Z-Orthotic is more than sufficient.    


Read here some testimonials from people who work on concrete who have improved their quality of life with these pain relieving shoes.

I am a correctional officer for the NC DOC. Our shifts are 12 hours long and most of that time is spent on our feet on concrete. When I worked a three-day stretch, my heels would feel just like two nails were being driven into them and my knees had started to ache and I would have occasional back stiffness. I tried all kinds of insoles in my 5.11's duty boots, I bought Rocky's duty shoes, NB 926's and Rockport Prowalker, none of which really relieved my pain. I purchased a pair of Z-CoiL Z-Duty boots after my nephew had tried a pair at his new warehouse job and recommended I try them. It was a great improvement immediately, and after 3 weeks I am very impressed. I believe my feet and heels actually healed during that time. I now work the three-day, 12-hour shifts and my feet feel as good at the end of the third night as they did at the beginning of the first morning. They draw plenty of comments and remarks, but when I go home with my feet, heels, legs and back feeling good after 12 hours of pounding the concrete, I don't really care what anyone says.  I have since purchased a pair of Z-Walkers with the slip-resistant soles for casual wear and I hope to soon add more to my wardrobe. My wife now has the Freedoms in black and a pair of the blue and white. It's hard to believe the difference these boots and shoes have made. I have and will recommend them to anyone who inquires. My only complaint is that I have to remove them at my job to go through the metal detector, but a minute of inconvenience is worth hours of pain-free walking and standing. Thanks, Z-CoiL.

Lloyd D  

It's difficult to know where best to start. Well, I've been a first-time owner of a pair of Z-CoiLs for a week now. I was intrigued by the testimonials on the Z-CoiL site and other sites and decided to invest in a pair to see what the hype was all about.  I'd been an almost daily long distance runner throughout my 20s and into my 30s. At about 33, I noticed that I wasn't recovering from my runs as quickly as I used to do. All right; age, no biggie. But the pain wasn't like I knew muscle pain to be. The pain was settled deeply into my hips and it took hours for this bone-deep, tooth-ache-like rotting pain to fade. As time went on, it took days to fade. After more time it took weeks.  Running, which had been my pastime and passion, had become an agony. Even a short period of time at a light jog meant paying through the nose with pain for days afterwards. Reluctantly, I stopped. I didn't let on to those who knew me how much giving up running really hurt me emotionally.  I continued aerobic exercise at home, but even that eventually reduced my walking to a hobble. Neighbors who saw me after a work-out assumed I was drunk or drugged, which I found out years later, to my horror!  In recent years, I've worked on concrete, walking about five miles a day. Now it wasn't just my hips kicking the daylights out of me; my lower back, knees, one ankle, and one developing bunion were hurting me. By the end of every workday I was limping to my car. I hated my body for what it was doing to me ... then hating myself for what I must've done to my body to do this kind of downhill damage to it. I was researching doctors within my health plan who may do hip replacement on someone under 40, while knowing it was an awful idea.  Ugly shoes You have to be kidding me! If Z-CoiLs gave me any portion of my life back, I'd wear them to every neighboring schools' Homecoming and Prom proudly! Ballroom gown and all!  So, I got a pair a black, enclosed-heeled Freedoms for work.  I got them on a work evening. I put them on. The healing started immediately.  The pain was 100% gone from my lower back, hips and knees within the hour. The pain in my ankle and foot was about 80% gone and fading every day as of this writing.  The day I bought and received my Z-CoiLs, I tried not to 'tempt fate' and still wouldn't bend over for anything. I hadn't been able to do so without lasting pain for about 10 years and I had no illusion that a pair of shoes would change this fact right away, if ever. Without thinking, I bent over to pet one of my dogs......for the first time in 10 years, no pain. None, zip, zilch, zero. It was a miracle. I burst into tears.  Still sobbing, I tried it again, three more times. Not a twinge. I waited til my husband was home and showed him what Z-CoiL made me able to do. He laughed and hugged me, then asked me to throw out my other useless 'pre-pain' many pairs of shoes. Oh, gladly!   One week later, I've scrimped on other expenses to purchase one more pair of Z-CoiLs for “tooling about town.” I bend over suddenly at random to enjoy the pain-free feeling of doing so. I feel like a kid again. My newest pair of Z-CoiLs will enable me to jog/speed walk for the first time in years. When I'm strong enough, I'm confident I'll be running again within the month.  What Z-CoiL has given me far exceeds the price of the shoes. It's a miracle, plain and simple. When I think about my lack of pain and newfound mobility, it brings me to tears and I believe it will for a long time to come. I'm the happiest girl in the world because of what Z-CoiL did for me.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Z-CoiL!

Jackie C Council Bluffs, Iowa  

I have been teaching public school for the past 11 years, which means standing all day long on concrete floors. The past three years have been nearly pain-free! Let me back up, in order that you may understand.  At the age of 13, my mother took me to a podiatrist. My feet ached and my arches were exceptional (2-1/2 in.) I heard people complain of aching feet, so nothing shocked me when mine hurt. They made x-rays, pushed, pulled, and misdiagnosed: hammertoe. The doctor told me I wouldn't be walking by the time I was 35 and to stop wearing high-heels. (As a tomboy, I didn't even own a pair.) I was prescribed inserts to ease the strain on my arches, which caused me more pain! Needless to say, I hated wearing them and frequently didn't.  After a car wreck in the early 90's, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk. In trying to deal with the back pain this caused me, I was referred to another podiatrist. Although this doctor is renowned for his foot care, he could not identify the source nor a cure for my misshapen feet. Twenty minutes of x-rays and manipulations resulted in another pair of inserts and two leg braces I like to call torture devices! Wearing them both caused severe leg cramps and more foot pain. So, again, more money spent on treatment which I refused to follow through.  I just tried to deal with it. However, as the jarring from each step caused more than just foot pain, I continued to seek help. I've been seeking chiropractic care and taking narcotic pain medication for years when I came upon the Z-CoiL advertisement.  Like most people, I read the promises and testimonials thinking, “Too good to be true.” The price for one pair of shoes was a luxury for which I wasn't prepared; although, when my mother said, "Let's go check them out in person," I couldn't resist. What a day that was! Glen Word was the Z-CoiL rep who patiently tended to my every question. He didn't need to know what the doctors thought they knew. He just went through the motions, helped me find a style I liked, and told me to try them out. He made me a believer.  I wore the shoes all summer. My legs ached in new places. Glen told me to hang in there and let the shoes work their magic. He checked my walk and adjusted the shoes three months later. Wow, I couldn't believe the difference it made. I went back to work that Fall a new person. I had more energy.   My back ached less, my hips hurt less, my knees made less noise, and for the first time in my life, My Feet Didn't Ache! I continue to visit my rep every three months. He continues to monitor the changes in my foot bone structure and make the appropriate adjustments to my shoes. He listens to me, and we have become friends. I have since purchased three new styles and wear nothing else.  My parents were so amazed with my progress, they both purchased several pair of Z-CoiLs. As diabetics, this footwear has taken away a lot of strain. My father is more mobile and my mother says her legs only ache when she wears her dress shoes. I tell her, "Don't wear anything else!" I walk, I play, I can run after horses. I continue to be an active mother, wife and teacher. My life is so improved.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dawn C Clarksville, Tennessee  

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Visit our website to learn more about Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people who work on concrete who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee pain relief for people who work on concrete or we will give you a full refund.    

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