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Career saving shoes

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® were designed for people who work on their feet!  Read below to understand how the shoes were ergonomically designed for people who are active on their feet and want to remain that way!



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The Spring ------  The Orthotic -------- The Rocker Bottom -------- The Ergonomic Toebox


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Read here some testimonials from people with pain who have saved their careers with these pain relieving shoes.

I used to have constant foot pain, when wearing regular sneakers and shoes at work. By the end of my 10 hour day, I was exhausted from walking about 6 miles on the warehouse floor. I have been wearing my z-coil sneakers for 2 weeks. I love them. I still have some foot pain from my neuropathy, but my foot pain has been reduced. I can walk a lot faster. I am 52 years old, but I walk as fast as if I was 20. Plus I have no leg pain, and I have no hip pain either. I tell everyone who asks, that I love my z-coil shoes. I plan on buying another pair of z-coil shoes in a few months. I prefer to not wear the same pair of shoes, two days in a row. Plus I also love the z-coil socks. They wick sweat away from my feet. My feet feel a lot better at work, since purchasing these fine products from z-coil.

Anthony Gobrecht~

"I have dealt with back pain for 40 years due to a head-on auto collision. The Z-coil shoes minimize the stress my back sustains during a work day which relieves muscle stiffness and subsequent pain.”

Mark Strong~

“I have an ankle fusion and you have helped me for many years to be able to work as a remodeler.  Im on my feet working 7 days a week”

Douglas Bannerman~

“Love my Z-Coils. I have 8 pair and these are the only shoes I wear. I am able to continue working as an R.N. and have minimal or NO heel pain. I really do love my Z-Coils.”

Peggy Nielsen~

“The shoes have really helped me. By the end of the day my heals started hurting, then my knees. Since I have been wearing Z-Coils my heals and knees don't hurt. It took me a week or so to get use to them, but I wear them to work everyday now! I tell everyone about them and what they can do for their feet.”

Christine Ilicic~   

More on the Z-CoiL® Technology...

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear's revolutionary technology isn't really revolutionary at all. It's evolutionary. It's engineered to help you stride the way the human body was designed to, in an environment that the human body was not designed for.

Gait Cycle and the Kinetic Chain

Humans propel themselves through the concrete jungle the same way they have for thousands of years: heel strike full forefoot load heel lift toe off. During a normal gait cycle, your heel makes contact and immediately redistributes the force—twice your body weight on each foot—up along the side of your foot, the part of your foot designed to actually absorb impact and transfer energy to continue forward motion. However, not all impact is transferred up your foot. Much energy is transferred along what chiropractors call the kinetic chain: heels ankles shins knees thighs hips pelvic girdle/lower back. 


Unlike the environments our ancestors walked, today's concrete and other hard surfaces are much less forgiving, resulting in significantly more stress to the body. Every day we experience thousands of collisions with the ground. The greater impact delivered up the kinetic chain, sometimes exacerbated by an improper gait cycle (over-pronation or supination), compromise the human body's ability to absorb and redistribute stress forces, causing injuries.

Impact Reduction, Stability and the Problem with Modern Footwear

Preventing stress injury and providing relief for existing injuries requires impact reduction—i.e., footwear that actually limits the amount of force that travels up the kinetic chain. However, cushioning impact alone will not ensure healthy joints and pain relief. Shoes that offer extra padding actually encourage atrophy in the muscles of the foot. Weak muscles can lead to a number of compensating movements, many of which direct stress forces to areas of the foot that are not designed to absorb impact. Unfortunately, most modern footwear has taken an either-or approach to solving the problem of increased impact along the kinetic chain. Either they provide cushiony soles to reduce the force of impact but allow the flexibility for soft tissues to move outside a normal range of motion, or they provide a rigid sole to keep the foot (and stress forces) in a natural range of motion but with very little impact-absorption, resulting in high impact all the way up the kinetic chain.

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The Z-CoiL Solution

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear is the only shoe that offers both the impact reduction and stability you need for pain relief, injury prevention and whole body support Z-CoiL shoes have the: 


  • Patented conical spring in the heel, which reduces impact by 40-60% (according to tests performed by the American Department of Energy) and provides energy return, reducing fatigue.
  • Patented Z-Orthotic™ to stabilize tendons and ligaments.
  • Rocker bottom sole that assists forward motion and limits movement during toe-off.
  • Flex line at the forefront of the foot to encourage bending at the ball of the foot.
  • ¾” Cushioning in the forefoot to protect delicate metatarsal/forefoot joints, ligaments and bones.
  • Extra wide toe box to relieve pressure on toe joints.

All elements of our shoe design provide Z-CoiL treatment—effective pain relief from a number of lower body impact-induced conditions.

Try Z-CoiL Technology for Yourself

All Z-CoiL pain relief footwear products come with a risk-free 30-day trial. Find a Z-CoiL distributor near you or contact us to have your shoes shipped directly to you. You've got nothing to lose but your pain!

Visit our website to learn more about Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people who actively work on their feet who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee  pain relief or we will give you a full refund.

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