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Achilles Tendonitis Shoes

Achilles tendinitis (also spelled tendonitis) is the painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon,The use of Achilles tendonitis shoes can help.


Achilles tendinitis (also spelled tendonitis) is the painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon, typically caused by overuse.  It most often occurs among athletes, physically active people, or middle aged "weekend-warriors".  Read here the most common causes of Achilles tendinitis.   Reducing your physical activity is always recommended when you experience Achilles tendinitis.  If you like to stay active, it recommended that you switch to swimming, biking or other non-impact activity until your Achilles tendinitis has subsided.  You can also do these things listed below to help with the pain.

  • icing the area after exercise or when in pain
  • raising your foot to decrease swelling
  • wearing a brace or compressive elastic bandage to prevent heel movement
  • going to physical therapy
  • taking anti-inflammatory medication, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, for a limited time

Z-CoiL Footwear can help with Achilles Tendinitis with these three features:

The Z-CoiL Spring:

The Z-CoiL Spring makes each step safer and softer.  The unique replaceable conical coil design reduces impact up to 60%* more than conventional shoes.  And since impact is the primary cause of foot, leg and back pain, your body will notice an immediate difference.  Walking in Z-CoiL is unlike anything you have felt before.  Some people describe the feeling like gliding.  Each step feels easy, light and enjoyable. Your body will love the Z-CoiL Spring. Not only does the Z-CoiL Spring reduce impact, it can control over-pronation.  Over-Pronation is when your feet roll too far inward when walking or running.  The spring can be adjusted in 90°increments to add more resistance to the inside of the foot, to correct over-pronation. Last but not least, when the rubber heel pad wears out on the spring, you can simply replace the spring unit (open or enclosed) rather than replace your Z-CoiL!  This saves money and reduces unnecessary waste in landfills.

* Tests performed by the US Department of Energy



The Z-Orthotic is a “rigid” foundation built into every Z-CoiL extending from the ball of the foot to the heel.  It works by mirroring the shape of your foot which equalizes pressure across your bottom of your foot, reducing fatigue and pressure points.  Equally important the Z-Orthotic supports your plantar ligaments which eliminate painful conditions in the foot like plantar fascia and heel spurs. You will notice improved posture, stability and confidence in each step.  The Z-Orthotic makes walking or hiking on uneven or hard surfaces a breeze.  Custom orthotics can be used in Z-CoiL footwear, but are often unnecessary, since the built-in Z-Orthotic is more than sufficient.  


Additional Features:

Additional features include Rocker bottom sole in the forefoot that assists your foot during toe-off.  A built-in flex line in the ball of the foot encourages a natural bending motion during toe-off.  An extra thick forefoot and extra wide toe box dramatically relieve pressure on forefoot/metatarsal joints when walking and standing. The combination of Conical Spring, Z-Orthotic, Forefoot Rocker and ¾ forefoot cushioning protects and comforts your foot.  Z-CoiL acts as protective barrier between your foot and the damaging affects of repetitive impact on hard surfaces.  Give your precious feet the support and impact protection they deserve, and they will serve you with miles and miles of uncomplaining service.   

Z-CoiL recommended styles for those suffering with Achilles Tendinitis


Men's Shoes

Women's Shoes


Watch this video to see how Z-CoiL Footwear can relieve your Achilles Tendinitis Pain!



Read these testimonials from people with Achilles Tendinitis

I have calcified tendons in my feet and legs. That means my Achilles in both ankles are hard as a rock, and my plantar fascia tendons on both feet hard as a rock. You can imagine it’s like walking on rocks. Very painful. I found Z-CoiL shoes and they got me off a cane, and have saved my feet and legs. I am able to stand longer, walk further, and am in way less pain. They have been a Godsend to me. I thank the Z-CoiL makers for giving me my life back. Now I can go visit my grandma in Indiana. She loves my Z-CoiLs too!

Cynthia M Phoenix, Arizona

I am sure my testimonial reads like so many others, but I felt I needed to share it, hoping it will help anyone who's looking into buying Z-CoiL shoes. In 2003, during my fourth pregnancy, I was found to be in preterm labor. I was only 16.5 weeks pregnant. I was placed on bed-rest for 20 weeks. After having a beautiful baby girl I went back to work. I noted right away I was in terrible shape. My left heel burned and over the months started to swell. As the years progressed, I suffered much pain and swelling until I could barely put a shoe on. I sought out help and was placed in new orthotics and new shoes. Some relief came, but I worked 12-hour shifts and struggled with pain on and off. In 2008 I had started training for a marathon. My heel wasn't to terrible until hours after I ran. It swelled and was very tender. All the doctors said stretch, stretch, stretch! I did all of the time. After I ran my marathon in January 2009, I suffered terrible spasms in my heel and along the sides. The tendon was so painful that I would stand with my foot on its side or leaning on the other. My left calf muscle shrank and became soft. My Achilles tripled in size. I couldn't wear closed back shoes. I couldn't exercise and I started suffering from hip pain. In 2010 I found out I had a tear in the cartilage of right hip. I needed to have surgery and that would put me on crutches for 6 weeks, putting all of my weight on my left foot...and that Achilles would swell more. While out of work for 10 weeks, I visited a shoe store and told this women my story. I was still on crutches. I told her I was 45, a mother of four, a nurse in an ICU, and in horrible pain. I was taking Neurontin for the spasms, pain medication 2x a day, and unable to exercise. I tried every shoe, received Prolotherapy shots, and nothing helped. She told me to come back when off crutches and try on the Z-CoiL shoes. I walked around her store for an hour and finally bought a pair. When I returned to work after 10 weeks, I jumped right back into my 12-hour shifts and for four months I have not had heel pain except for one day. I walked around the zoo the day before and was not wearing them. I only bought a pair for work. I am now going to buy a pair for everyday wear. I will tell you that having a massage therapist work some of that scar tissue out helped reduce the swelling ( I went weekly for 10 weeks) but my tendon was so shredded and so painful until I started wearing these shoes. I almost looked for an office job. I love my job as a cardiovascular ICU nurse. I am good at it and I almost lost it because I could not function with the pain and spasms. I cried every day. Please, if you have pain like mine, know it can and will destroy your life. I would rather wear these shoes all day and move than be crippled at 45. My kids need me! I get stopped a lot by my patients and their families asking about my shoes. It's a conversation starter for sure! One patient called me Tigger. It fits!

Robin O Tallahassee, Florida

I read meters for the power company and walk about five miles a day. I developed plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis in BOTH feet. After trying numerous treatments per doctor’s orders, i.e., cortisone shots, casting for six weeks, six months of physical therapy and icing and heat, my doctor said to try these shoes. I admit I was skeptical because everything else had failed. Within ONE week of wearing your work boots, I was able to get back to work after a SIX month medical leave. These shoes genuinely saved my job as well as my quality of life. As a side benefit, my knee, hip and lower back pain has all but disappeared. I have turned numerous friends, family and complete strangers into users of these shoes, and they, too, have enjoyed the benefits. I could tell you their great stories as well, but I've gone on long enough with mine. Thank you so much for my MASSIVE pain relief. P.S. If you want more great stories, feel free to call anytime and also please develop a Gore-Tex lined work boot. It would really be appealing to those of us who work out in the elements.

Anthony W Kewanee, Illinois

Sometime back I submitted a testimonial about the Z-CoiL footwear after two months of use and the results were astounding! It has now been seven months and I'm back again to express how words cannot adequately describe this life-changing product. I had suffered for 3-4 years with heel spurs on either side of my left foot, Achilles tendonitis and severe swelling, I spent $2,000 - $3,000 on podiatrists and related treatments. I was almost totally incapacitated and in constant debilitating pain…my life was miserable and I had practically given up hope of ever being able to walk normally again. A diabetic friend of mine told me about these unusual shoes and I thought, “What have I got to lose” And lose I have!! Today I am completely pain free, walking like a normal human being. Not only have I lost the pain, but also 25 lbs because I am able to walk normally again! Before, I was using a power chair, but no more!I I cannot say enough about these unusual shoes! It is truly amazing that no other shoe I have tried has measured up to Z-CoiL. My only regret was not finding them before I spent so much money on doctors, treatments, and other shoes! My podiatrist never mentioned Z-CoiL to me, and I can understand why – your shoes could put them out of business! Believe me they WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dorothy W Osceola, Arkansas

Visit our website to learn more about Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people with Achilles tendinitis who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee Achilles tendinitis relief or we will give you a full refund. 

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