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The Impossibles: 2021 Year In Review

zcoil 2021 year in review

Do you ever feel like things are impossible? That your foot, leg and back pain is so overwhelming, you can't possibly ever go back to living a normal life? Meet The Impossibles...normal people just like you, who turned to Z-CoiL when life felt impossible.

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Last year, we featured a different Impossibles story each month in order to inspire you. We put together a recap of all the stories so you can read any you missed, or reread a favorite.

January: Jon was in a severe motorcycle accident and never thought he'd ride again. Read Jon's story.

February: Restaurant owner June's pain was so bad, she thought she'd have to quit working. Read June's story.

March: Ron was in a serious car accident and spent over $10,000 on orthotics before finding Z-CoiL. Read Ron's story.

April: Michelle broke her back when she was 17 and suffered extreme pain for many years. Read Michelle's story.

May: Donna knew she had to get more active to keep her health from declining. Z-CoiL helped her get moving. Read Donna's story.

June: Ahmad wasn't sure how long his back and knees could handle working 12 hour shifts in an IT data center. Read Ahmad's story.

July: 73 year-old Rick was facing a new replacement until a doctor recommended Z-CoiL. Read Rick's story.

August: Deborah took her Zs with her to Egypt, and they definitely got noticed. Read Deborah's story.

September: Z-CoiL helped Jody with his amazing weight loss. Read Jody's story.

October: David has been wearing Z-CoiL for 20 years and keeps every pair. Read David's story.

November: Jim was in a horrific car accident and never thought he'd go hunting again. Read Jim's story.

December: Brad's diabetes made it hard for him to stand and keep working as a restaurant manager. Read Brad's story.

 zcoil customer testimonials

Pick up a pair of Z-CoiLs and start your own Impossibles journey today.