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Walk Your Way To A New Life

A lot of people, when they reach middle age, start to feel like they’ve hit a dead end and their life is in a rut. Life becomes a tedious routine of going to work, shuttling kids to school and to their activities, running errands, and paying bills. You wake up one day and life just isn’t fun anymore.

This isn’t the life you imagined living, stuck in traffic, trapped in meetings, eating junk food, and zoning out in front of the TV, only to do it again the next day. You look in the mirror and hardly recognize yourself. You’ve gained weight, and you look tired and stressed out. You look…like you’re just getting by.

You wish you could have a different life.

Well, you can.

There’s an easy way to change your life, starting today. And it doesn’t require huge amounts of money, special training, insider knowledge, fancy equipment, membership in a club, or anything like that.

All you have to do is start walking.

That’s right. Walk.

Walk your way to a new life.

walk your way to a new life

Developing a walking habit will very quickly improve your health, your mood, your body, and your outlook on life.

Start with your health. Walking literally makes you live longer. Walking has been proven to improve your cardiovascular health, and lower your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and dementia. In fact, people who walk regularly lower their risk of early death by 39% compared to people who are sedentary.

Believe it or not, walking also helps to ease joint pain and boost your immune system. Studies have found that arthritis-related pain can be reduced with walking and may even keep arthritis from forming in those who walk several miles a week. Walking naturally lubricates joints and strengthens the muscles that support them. On top of those benefits, walking helps to boost your immune system, experience fewer sick days, and have a shorter duration of illness with milder symptoms.

Walking is not just good for your physical health, it’s great for your mental health too. Going for a walk is a lot like meditating in the way it eases your stress and refreshes your mind. Studies have also shown that walking can be an effective way to treat anxiety and even depression. The physical exertion from walking, even though it can be moderate, floods your brain with hormones that lift your mood. Not to mention the soothing and calming effect walking produces when it forces us to slow down, move at a life-giving pace and notice our surroundings.

Walking regularly will even improve your appearance. For starters, walking will help you lose weight and keep it off, especially when you follow proper walking technique. One of the keys to losing weight is burning more calories than you consume. Walking is a proven way to burn calories. Walking just 1 mile burns 100 calories on average.

Walking also helps you preserve lean muscle, which is very important if you want to keep your metabolic rate from dropping too much. When you lose weight and drop a lot of fat, your body’s metabolism will try to adjust, making it harder to keep losing weight. Since muscle is more metabolically active than fat, building muscle keeps your body burning calories efficiently.

Not only does walking burn belly fat, it also improves your posture and tones your muscles, especially your glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings and can even help shape your abs and back. Start walking today, and pretty soon you’ll be looking better and feeling better.

Last, but certainly not least, walking regularly can improve your outlook on life. One study by the NIH found that walking even for just 12 minutes increases your cheerfulness, curiosity, self-confidence, vigor, and attentiveness. Walking is also known to make you more creative and improve your problem-solving, because it allows your mind to roam and “exercise” in different ways. A study at Stanford University found that walking increased creative output by 60 percent.

Developing a walking habit and finishing your regular walking route gives you a tangible sense of accomplishment. This momentum and sense of purpose can carry over into areas of your life and help you set and meet new goals.

how regularly walking can change your life

A new life starts now. Take the first step. Z-CoiL pain relief footwear will help you. Our patented spring coil reduces the force of impact, making your walk more comfortable and enjoyable. Some people say wearing Z-CoiLs even feels like walking on air.

So go ahead. Walk towards the life you want to live with Z-CoiL.