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The Impossibles: Rick

This month's Impossibles story comes from Rick S. from Nevada. He sent us a heartfelt email that started with, "Finally a chance to say "thanks"..."

Rick is 73 years old and tells us that thanks to Z-CoiL he is "still working yard work, keeping a mobile home park looking clean and nice," something that felt impossible just a few years ago. 

Here is his story:

My job some years ago required walking some 8 to 10 hours a day. My knee pain was intense. Doctors prescribed knee replacement. But a move to Albuquerque after weekend after weekend in emergency room for pain pills I found a doctor who prescribed Z Coil shoes. He and his whole staff wore them including a chiropractor in his complex as I recall. Since I found out main office was in Albuquerque I was on my way there pretty quick. I bought a few pairs almost at once. 

z-coil store albuquerque nm

Trying them at my new job walking again many steps and miles a day... no more pain. So thankful. No more emergency room visits, no more pain rubs, no more heating pads. Yes, almost no hurting pain anymore! Some years later in every move we made Z Coils remain my only suitable shoe for pain free living. Now even more helpful since I've developed a hip arthritis pain. But my Z coils keep me walking and active all day long with minimal to no pain! Yes, after many years of agony, Z Coil shoes made and make my life livable. Thanks, Z Coils!

We'd like to say thank you Rick for sharing his story. Our whole team at Z-CoiL comes to work every day knowing our pain relief footwear really does change people's lives. Hearing from you, our customers, about what Z-CoiL has done for you is the greatest motivation possible to keep doing what we're doing.