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The Impossibles: June Atkinson

Restaurant owner and snowboarder June Atkinson's knees were in really bad shape after multiple surgeries that left no cartilage. Every day her knees would swell up in terrible pain. It seemed like the only option possible would be a knee replacement. But then June found an impossible solution: Z-CoiL. Read her story below.

z-coil customer testimonial june

I am 48 year old athlete who thinks I’m super woman. I have had 5 knee surgery’s with new ligaments and no cartilage left in both knees. I own a restaurant with cement floors and I snowboard all winter. My knees hurt and swell up everyday. The doctors have given me a few options and I’m not ready to go down those doomed roads yet. I don’t want injections and I will go as long as I can before a knee replacement. I can’t afford the new fancy expensive treatments, they are only for rich people. 

I want to continue to rock my life how I want too!! So my physical therapist told me to check out Z-Coils and I did. At first I ordered a pair that was to big and the return for the right size was so easy and once I got the right size I was so so so happy. It took me a minute to get used to them and now I love love love them and tell everyone about them. I will be a faithful Z-CoiL fan for life and I look forward to the hiking boots next. My knees are thankful and so am I.

In gratitude,

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