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A Nurse’s Guide To Buying the Right Work Shoes

Nurses are the unsung heroes of society. They spend the whole day on their feet and run between rooms checking on patients. The profession is physically demanding. As a result, people in the field must do what they can to make themselves comfortable during long shifts. One solution is to wear supportive shoes to alleviate any pain stemming from the feet. This nurse’s guide to buying the right work shoes will help these medical professionals make their grueling job easier.

A Nurse’s Guide To Buying the Right Work Shoes

Check Hospital Rules

Nurses must learn their hospital’s rules before shopping for a pair of work shoes. Many establishments have different guidelines regarding the footwear that nurses and doctors can wear. Some places require a certain portion of the foot to be covered. Other healthcare facilities have rules about color and the shoe’s protective qualities. The hospital’s Human Resources Department should have information regarding acceptable footwear. Stop by that office before going shopping.

Orthopedics Are a Must

Nurses need orthopedic footwear to support their feet while on the job. Z-CoiL Footwear offers impact protection that protects the heel. Essentially, our orthopedic sneakers for men reduce the amount of impact the foot feels when it hits the ground. Individuals don’t realize how life-changing this is until they make the switch. The forefoot rocker bottom facilitates a smooth gait that makes walking a breeze.

Finding the Right Size

Most people don’t understand how crucial it is to get the right size shoe. If a pair of sneakers is too big, the foot will be unsupported. Additionally, a person’s posture and gait will be misaligned. On the other hand, if the shoe is too small, the toes will be squished, and the muscles will overextend themselves. So, nurses should seek professional help when determining their shoe size. Here at Z-CoiL Footwear, we recommend going up in size if you’re between numbers. Several pairs at Z-CoiL Footwear have wide toe boxes, so there’s room to breathe while working.

The Importance of Non-Slip Sneakers

Nursing is an incredibly fast-paced profession. These people run all over a hospital floor, giving patients the care they need. All this intensity increases the likelihood of accidents. As a result, it’s vital that these professionals wear non-slip footwear. Not only is the job itself chaotic, but the environment where it takes place (a hospital) is less than peaceful, too. There are doctors, cleaning staff, patients, and other nurses all over the place. So, the best way to avoid potential hazards is by getting non-slip sneakers that’ll keep you safe when the unexpected happens.

What About Design?

Nurses shouldn’t have to sacrifice design for comfort. In fact, selecting the right design is another important aspect of this nurse’s guide to buying the right work shoes. For example, it’s best to get darker colored shoes because nursing can get messy. Z-CoiL Footwear’s orthopedic sneakers come in a variety of darker colors that’ll hide spills and stains brilliantly. Furthermore, we have accent colors on the shoes (like pink) for those who want an extra pop of color.

The most unique component of our collection of sneakers is the spring. This loaded coil helps reduce impact pressure on the foot. The spring is perfect for nurses running around all day because their feet won’t be as sore at the end of the shift. Additionally, Z-CoiL Footwear offers replaceable coils so that you can extend the shoe’s life.

Consider the Weight of the Shoe

The weight is also critical to consider when selecting the right shoes for a nurse. It would be unwise to wear something like boots during a shift since there’s no need to extend the leg muscles that much. Instead, try Z-CoiL Footwear’s sneakers for their lightweight nature. Although most shoes have a loaded coil at the bottom, the footwear is still light enough to where muscles won’t be throbbing by the end of the day. Other orthopedic sneakers are heavier because of their thick insoles and arch supports. Z-CoiL Footwear offers these features while remaining lightweight.

When Is It Time To Get New Shoes?

Let’s say someone found the perfect pair of work sneakers five years ago. They’re lightweight, they fit perfectly, and the person’s feet are rarely sore at the end of a long shift. However, lately, they’ve noticed their performance is decreasing. The footwear isn’t as slip resistant as it once was, and the colors have begun to fade. All these signs indicate that it’s time to get a new pair of sneakers. We understand that finding that “ unicorn shoe” was a challenging process. However, overextending the life of a shoe will eliminate its resourceful qualities. For example, the orthopedics and insoles will become less supportive, and the feet may get sorer as the day goes on. Nurses can’t afford to have these things happen, so it’s wise to buy multiple pairs of sneakers when you find one that works for you.

If nothing else, the pandemic showed us just how hard nurses work. These professionals deserve all the praise and accolades they can get. Moreover, nurses shouldn’t be in pain throughout the entirety of their shift. Nurses, follow this guide on things to consider before purchasing a pair of work shoes so that you’re always comfortable. Shop the collection of orthopedic sneakers at Z-CoiL Footwear. Our shoes are unlike any other on the market because of their loaded coil that reduces impact pressure. Additionally, our sneakers have wide toe boxes, so your toes have room to breathe during your shift.

Our team also believes that no one should have to sacrifice style for comfort. We have several pairs of shoes that come with colorful accents for an extra pop of uniqueness. Though, most of the sneaker is dark to hide spots and stains that are likely to occur at a hospital. Finally, if anyone understands the hazardous nature of hospitals, it’s nurses. So, it’s essential the shoe has slip- resistant qualities to decrease the likelihood of accidents. Nurses, if you find a shoe with all these components, consider buying several pairs. Z-CoiL Footwear’s orthopedic sneakers are a diamond in the rough and will change how you get through a long shift.

A Nurse’s Guide To Buying the Right Work Shoes