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5 Tips To Start a Healthy Walking Routine

5 Tips To Start a Healthy Walking Routine

When people envision exercising, they typically think about high-impact activities like lifting weights at the gym or running. However, there are numerous ways to move your body, build muscles, and get your blood pumping.

For instance, walking is a great low-impact physical activity. For many, it’s easier to incorporate into one’s daily schedule, and it creates just enough push without overworking your body. Regular walks get your whole body moving, pumps your blood, and keep you thriving. Here are five ways to start a healthy walking routine.

1. Schedule Set Walking Sessions

Planning factors into numerous facets of life, especially when starting a routine. It reminds you of your goals and keeps you accountable. Scheduling walking sessions into your day minimizes excuses for not walking, makes it a priority, and ensures you make time for it without conflicts.

2. Set Benchmark Goals

Benchmarks create a step-by-step plan on how you can and want to improve. It gives you mini challenges to conquer and build on. Popular walking benchmarks include various times you want to spend walking, how fast you can walk to a destination, and the distances you travel. Setting goals allows you to push yourself slowly in different ways and motivates you as you reach each progress point.

3. Create a Weather Backup Plan

When it comes to starting a new routine and sticking to it, procrastination and excuses like to throw in an added hurdle for you to overcome. Don’t let the weather be an excuse out of reaching your goals or getting your daily walk in. Creating a weather backup plan ensures you get your steps in, no matter rain or shine. Plan B walking solutions include finding an indoor track to walk on, using a treadmill, or finding covered outdoor walking areas.

4. Explore Different Walking Routes

Switching up your paths and sights diversifies your walks, keeping them interesting and engaging. Exploring different routes maintains the excitement and entertainment of walks and allows you to further explore your local area and tag in new stops to add along your path. Maybe you’ll come across a new coffee shop or a groceries store for an essential quick break and a chance to cross off more than just one task on your to-do list.

5. Bring a Friend or Two

In congruent with switching up your paths for entertainment, bringing a friend also enhances your walking experience. Making walks a social event motivates you, keeps you entertained, and gives you another source of accountability. Set walks with your friends and motivate each other to stay fit and healthy.

Bonus Tip

Walking provides an opportunity to experience the sounds of the outdoors from singing birds, passing traffic or kids playing. It can also be a time to listen to your favorite music, live streaming radio or podcast. The tempo of the music or conversation will help keep you motivated and moving at a steady rhythm. Plus, listening to a live radio show or the local news will help you keep track of time with the commercial breaks or top-of-the-hour news segments that happen at scheduled times. If you’re wearing headphones or earbuds, please keep the volume at a level that still allows you to be aware of your surroundings.

There are many more tips to starting a healthy walking routine, but these five give you the basic boost that’ll get you started. To further enhance and benefit from your walks, invest and wear some orthotic footwear. Orthopedic shoes for women and men provide support and comfort, allowing you to walk with minimal pain and optimized structural support.