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The Impossibles: Deborah

Meet Deborah James-Edmonds, who first purchased Z-CoiL's to take on an excursion to Egypt in 2008. ", because she knew there would be a lot of walking. "I wore these shoes everyday. Everyone else were soaking their feet, rubbing down their legs and back. I had NO pain! Foreigners everywhere we went would stop me to inquire about my foot attire. They would offer to purchase the shoes off of me! I received an offer as high as $400...but what would I wear the duration of the trip?"

z-coil customer testimonial deborah

What started as a practical solution to be able to walk all day without pain has turned into a love affair. "I am on my third pair! I even purchased the Mary Janes' for work! My feet are literally in Z-Coils each and every day. I wish the sandal came in white so I could die them purple!" 

Deborah continues her story, "I am in Los Angeles and the two stores here closed. I was visiting my cousin in Arizona and I found a vendor who operates out of his home! I have shared this wonderful experience with so many people with pain, they could not get pass the price and the look of the coil."

We salute Deborah, for looking past the look of the coil. It is a funky looking coil, isn't it? But that's what makes Z-CoiL...well, Z-CoiL. The large spring coil at the heel is what cushions your body from the impact of walking, protecting the bones, joints and tissues in your feet, legs and back. We hope others find inspiration in Deborah's story to look past the coil, to the very real pain relief and comfort it brings.