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Back Pain & Back Injury


Z-CoiL® Footwear was designed to relieve back pain.  Click here to read how these shoes are ergonomically designed for maximum pain relief to the back and the rest of the skeletal system.


Click here to read more about each design feature built into the shoe to relieve your pain.


The Spring ------  The Orthotic -------- The Rocker Bottom -------- The Ergonomic Toebox

Read here what you can do to prevent back pain: Back Pain Prevention


Watch this video of one of our customers who suffered extreme back pain and who is back on his feet due to Z-CoiL® Footwear!


My name is Charles, I've been a chronic back pain sufferer for over ten years, seems like nothing helps. Then I tried the Z-CoiL Legend FW-K2001 for walking and every day, and the Z-Force FW-C0803 work boot for outdoor chores. I had my doubts at first, as there are many shoes that offer pain relief, but from the moment I laced the boots up, and by the way I wore them all day without any pain nor break in period, I had more energy, and when I got home for the evening I noticed I wasn't hurting in my lower back much at all!!!!, I highly recommend z-coil shoes and boots for anyone. Quality is also a great measure, right out of the box you can smell the leather unlike shoes from outlets or stores. I was concerned about the heels, but my jeans, and I'm sure others cover most of the heels. There's no bouncy feeling and your' weight is distributed in an even manner, another concern was that my toes would be forced into the front of the shoes, but NO, just quality shoes and boots big in comfort and relief!!! 

Charles T Versailles, Missouri 

I have had your product for nearly 5 years. For 5 years prior to their arrival and fitting to my feet, I did not walk due to the incredible pain in my spine and neck following several disc and fusion surgeries. It is amazing that now I need to stop walking, not due to pain, but due to the necessity of going to the toilet. It is wonderful to be feeling like I am taking part in life's journey again. Thank you for something that truly works for me! 

Richard H

Out in the public often people come up to me and ask me “Hey, what kind of shoes are those and why do you wear them” I tell them “They’re Z-CoiL’s and they’ve saved the quality of my life. I was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 1995 and diagnosed to never walk again. Z-CoiL’s take about 50% of the compression off your spine and I have two titanium rods in my back so I need all the support I can get. One of the other reasons I wear Z-CoiL’s is through a second surgery I had I lost a half inch of my right femur. With the Z-CoiL’s they can put spacers between the heel of the shoe and the coil, they separate. I lost a half inch in my right femur so I have a half inch spacer in between the heel and the coil which levels me out. Prior to wearing Z-CoiL’s I had to wear a lift inside my shoe which caused severe lower back pain. Since I started wearing Z-CoiL’s 2 years ago I have become lower back pain free!” I highly recommend everyone with back pain, hip pain, or leg pain or any disability at all to wear a pair of Z-CoiL’s. Thank you Z-CoiL! 

Markus K

I bought my first pair 2 years ago at a local retailer. I was barely able to walk after a year of doctors, tests, and therapy. I was not a surgical candidate but with the myriad of issues I had going on it was just getting worse. From the lower back down I was a total mess! I happened to see in my podiatrist’s office an ad for z-coil so jumped online to find the nearest store to my home. The day I walked into that store changed my life literally! I went in barely able to walk, pain and my trusty old cane. I tried on shoes and got fitted with the correct orthotic and it was amazing! I practically skipped out of the store. I was thrilled to be able to walk again! I am grateful for these shoes and for giving me back the ability to walk normal again. None of my health issues that created this problem have gone away but I can walk again comfortably. Thank you Z-CoiL! 

Kim R Andrews, Indiana 

day, one of my friends GM got a pair and was raving about them ... So I did my homework and drove 2 hours away to Virginia Beach, Virginia, found the Z-CoiL store and I tried on my first pair and walked a crossed the floor ...OMG, took my pressure off my back and I was like holy crap! The Z-CoiL guy James took 3.5 hours to fit both the shoes I bought that day! Such detail was put in to fit them to me! (and I have odd feet ) Well now after my body has adjusted to walking correctly, I have been pain free in my lower back and NO pain running down my leg.....Wow! I have had the shoes for 1 month now and love them! I will never ware regular shoes again! 

Benatar P Richmond, Virginia 

In 2007 while campground hosting in Taos, NM I saw a man walking the camp loop everyday wearing an odd looking pair of shoes so I asked him. His story is that he was just about bedridden due to severe back pain when a friend of his told him about Z-CoiLs, he thought "what do I have to lose" and he soon discovered a new way of life. I suffered from low back pain due to an injury, I've had plantar surgery on both feet, knee surgery as well as tendon issues so I thought "what do I have to lose" and I've discovered a new way of life. People stop me to ask about my shoes and believe me I take the time to tell them about these life saving shoes. 

Donna W Hot Springs, Arkansas 

I have on and off back pain for the past 20 years. Now in my late 40's it has been getting worse. I feel bad because I have a 8 year old girl that wants me to keep up with her with activities and most of the times I have had to tell I just could not because of the pain, I felt so guilty, thinking she would grow up and not have a happy memory with her own mother. My job is taking care of people with disabilities and I thought I would have to give up the job I love because of the pain. I thought it was my mattress, so I replaced it, but I still had pain. Than being close to your store, I bought a pair of Z-CoiL's, I could not believe, when I where the shoes I did not have pain and was able to do my job and have fun with my daughter. Then on the days that I did not wear the shoes, the pain would come again, I tried this for awhile, than found out it was all because of wearing the shoes that the pain in my back was gone! I will now go and buy another pair, so I can always wear your shoes, thanks so much. The workers in your store are so nice, I do bring the shoes back every once in a while for adjustments, I cannot believe there is no charge even though I had the shoes for a few years, thanks again. 

Rina O Belen, New Mexico   

I have been wearing Z-CoiLs for about 2 weeks now and my knee is not sensitive anymore - When I turn/swivel, the heel takes the pressure, not my knee! Ummm, so I bought 3 more pair (the boots, the sandals and the regular shoe) and will probably not wear other types of shoes ever again... Oh, and I have not had any "burning feet" issues after long days. BACK FEELS GREAT. The minute you put them on you feel your lower back put into its natural position. Love them - waiting for the "slipper" *LOL 

Micky M Boston, Massachusetts 

We all must have dreams and dreams will remain dreams until we take the necessary to actions to turn those dreams into a reality! The Neurosurgeons whom performed my operation diagnosed me to never walk again...I will never forget the night the words or the feeling of despair when the Doctor levied the diagnoses of paralysis... Being Challenged in life is Inevitable, being defeated is optional. Fortunately, Seventeen years later, I proved the Neurosurgeons absolutely wrong! With great determination and will, not only do I walk, run and Leg press 1/4ton but my dream is to bicycle & weight train across America from Gym to Gym to raise money and awareness for the Doctors who are on the cutting edge of repairing damaged Spinal is my committed goal to share my inspirational story of recovery and be a catalyst to seeing the end of paralysis my life time... In Life, it is not what happens to you that matters, what truly matters is your attitude and what you choose to do about it...I choose to take what very well could be perceived as a horrible accident/injury and turn it into the most positive reflection of my life.... Your life is your message to the world...make sure it's Inspiring, dream it, wish it... then DO IT! We are much stronger than we think! Live Well and Be Well 

Markus A Nevada City, CA 

I tried Z-CoiLs about 4 or 5 years ago due to extreme back pain. I had a stroke and when I learned to walk again, it was painful due to previous injuries. In 2008 I had gotten to the point that I was not walking very well and my pain level was so high that I was falling frequently when I attempted to walk. My doctor finally determined to keep me from further harm, she would put me in a wheel chair. I was very opposed to this since I had spent two years in a wheelchair after my stroke. As a last resort she suggested I try the Z-CoiLs. She said it could not hurt and at this point any relief was better than none. I bought a pair of Z-CoiLs and I have been walking ever since. My pain is not gone but is manageable. I am walking and without a cane! I now own four pairs of Z-CoiLs. They are the only shoes I wear! 

Kellie T San Antonio, Texas 

Before I would wear fancy heels and I would have to take my heels off due to my feet hurting so bad. When I went to work I noticed that my feet would be hurting so bad after eight hours of being on my feet. I would get up with pain in my feet, legs and back so bad that I'd have to sit on the edge of the bed crying. I'd always said that they were too expensive to buy but I saw someone else with them on so I went to the Z-CoiL store and bought a pair. I noticed right off that my pain was no more and so I bought more. I now have 4 pairs and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I bought my first pair 1980, and it's now 2013, I'm still wearing my first pair! 

Kelly B Lima, Ohio 

I own a few pairs of Z-CoiLs and they are amazing. I swear by them. I just bought another pair with the heal cover on them. I love my shoes! I know they cost a lot but not really when you think about it. You can not go to a store and buy new feet or a new back and with my shoes it's like I have new feet and my back does not hurt. I love my shoes! I think every one should have a pair. 

Kelly S Branson, Missouri

Five or six years ago I started wearing Z-CoiL shoes. My shoes lasted a long time but finally wore out. I thought I could get by without them, but as soon as started walking without them my back and heel began hurting again. I bought a new pair online and have been pain free since. I would not walk a great distance without these shoes. They are great and I would recommend them to help with back pain and knee pain. I walk 12 miles a week for exercise. 

Rae M MDGambrills, Maryland 

In 2000 I was involved in a head on car crash. As a result I spent a year in physical therapy. Walking pain free or with reduced pain was the #1 goal. My husband was visiting a restaurant in Phoenix. He noticed these crazy looking shoes the waitress was wearing. He asked her about them. Based on her recommendation, he went to the Z-CoiL store in Gilbert AZ, bought a pair for me and brought them home. When I first saw them I thought okay, I will try anything and I put them on. Amazingly I was able to walk with ease and more importantly reduced pain!! Over the years my walking has increased from not walking due to pain to walking over 2 miles a day. Until last week when I was forced to buy another pair of shoes, I have never worn anything but Z-CoiLs. I own 8 pairs!! I would never presume to tell anyone they would have similar results but I can say, life is good. I actually have my life back. 

Rebecca K El Cajon, California 

I have had my Z-CoiLsfor 4 years now and to me it is just amazing how after all this time using them there are no other shoe that compares. I have tried them all but I keep going back to my Z-CoiL's because my leg pain is gone and the lower back pain is almost gone when I wear them. When I wear something else I have several days of very bad pain after that but when I am back to wearing my Z-CoiLs again the pain kind of just goes away. I tell people that wearing my Z-CoiLs is like walking on pillows all day long. They are that great! I can't wait to get my next pair. 

Lisa S Merrifield, Minnesota 

I have three sections of vertebrae fused solid and an extra vertebrae in my spine. I also have moderate to severe arthritis in my spine. For 20 yrs I have put up with numbness of the legs and hardly could walk first thing in the morning I was put on pain pills 4 times a day. My friend, who sold me my motorcycle, suggested I try on a pair of Z-CoiL shoes, he had a pair my size, I used them for about an hour and felt a tremendous difference. This convinced me to go to a Z-CoiL distributor. We live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. My wife went with me to Erie, Penns. USA. My wife came with me because she broke her ankle 14 months ago, she walks with a limp and has a lot of arthritis in that ankle. She has a lot of pain and she came with me reluctantly. We drove to Erie 150 miles away. We got to the store and Andy was there to great us. Laurie tried on the shoes, walked in them a little bit, then walked more and couldn’t stop walking, she said NO PAIN in the ankle, she flew around the store faster and faster. SOLD. She now has no pain in her ankle and her toes. She is a believer. For myself, these shoes have allowed me to drop using my pain pills. I no longer have the pain I used to have, the numbing of the legs is gone, joints do not hurt as much any more and my back does not hurt as much anymore. Not all the pain is gone, but at least 85% gone. Livable... I wish Canada would have these stores carrying the line of Z-CoiLs, if I could, I would. LOVE THESE Z-COILS, BEST SHOES IN THE WORLD. 

Joseph & Laurie B Ontario Niagara Falls

I would not want to imagine a day when I do not tie my feet into a pair of Z-CoiLs....There is no price one can place on their well being! As far as I am concerned, Z’s are worth their weight in gold... We must inform those who are suffering, those in discomfort and those who are unaware such an incredible healing and supportive product is available. 

Markus K

I just ordered my second pair of Z-CoiLs. I have been wearing them for about nine months and they have improved my life. I suffer from arthritis, severe lower back pain, and fibromyalgia. At only 34, it is frustrating to have such a pain inflicted body. With these shoes I can be much more active, partly because they reduce pain, and partly because they greatly decrease fatigue. I swear by these and I recommend them to anyone who asks about my "crazy" looking shoes. The cost is a little tough to swallow, but the benefits make them worth it! Thank you Z-CoiL. :-

Crystal H Elkhart, Indiana 

I am a nurse practitioner and have been in the nursing field 30 years. I have tried every shoe available for comfort. A friend recommended Z-Coil. I purchased a pair about a year ago and had immediate results. No hip pain, no back pain, no flares of plantar fasciitis. Z-Coil has changed my life. Would love another pair but closest store 2.5 hrs away. Will buy another pair in a heartbeat! Best shoe ever. 

Lori L Gilbertsville, Kentucky 

I walk hundreds of miles a week, on both concrete and pavement. Since using Z-CoiL shoes I have had little or no knee or back pain. If you're walking 1 mile or 100 miles, Z-CoiL is my choice of shoes. 

Matt "The Walker" L Salt Lake City, Utah 

I am a correctional officer for the NC DOC. Our shifts are 12 hours long and most of that time is spent on our feet on concrete. When I worked a three-day stretch, my heels would feel just like two nails were being driven into them and my knees had started to ache and I would have occasional back stiffness. I tried all kinds of insoles in my 5.11's duty boots, I bought Rocky's duty shoes, NB 926's and Rockport Prowalker, none of which really relieved my pain. I purchased a pair of Z-CoiL Z-Duty boots after my nephew had tried a pair at his new warehouse job and recommended I try them. It was a great improvement immediately, and after 3 weeks I am very impressed. I believe my feet and heels actually healed during that time. I now work the three-day, 12-hour shifts and my feet feel as good at the end of the third night as they did at the beginning of the first morning. They draw plenty of comments and remarks, but when I go home with my feet, heels, legs and back feeling good after 12 hours of pounding the concrete, I don't really care what anyone says. I have since purchased a pair of Z-Walkers with the slip-resistant soles for casual wear and I hope to soon add more to my wardrobe. My wife now has the Freedoms in black and a pair of the blue and white. It's hard to believe the difference these boots and shoes have made. I have and will recommend them to anyone who inquires. My only complaint is that I have to remove them at my job to go through the metal detector, but a minute of inconvenience is worth hours of pain-free walking and standing. Thanks, Z-CoiL. 

Lloyd D Statesville, North Carolina 

I've been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for about 20 years. Because I'm related to Al, I gave it a try to support his business. I put them on once and was sold. I got teased at first, but I've met people who were interested, at airports and other places. One woman told me, “At our age, who cares!" (if they look ugly). I've avoided back surgery and I don't have pain going down my legs -- reason enough to wear them! Blessings to Al and family. 

Sr. Anita V Tucson, Arizona 

Hi there! Totally love your shoes. I now have 7 pair. Bummed that I don't live in a state that sells the shoes. (Delaware :( ) But anyway, I was in my first earthquake the other day (the 5.9 that shook the East Coast.) When the earthquake started, I was inside my office building on the 2nd floor. People had to point out that the floor was shaking because I didn't notice it. WHY, you ask I was wearing my Z-CoiL shoes, and I guess they absorbed the shocks from the tremors. I had to lean forward on the ball of my feet before I did. Pretty amazing. They really do absorb shock!!! Well, take it from someone with a bad back and bad feet, your shoes make getting around totally possible for me. Thank you so much. But PLEASE ...bring a store to Delaware.

Dorothy C Dover, Delaware 

It's difficult to know where best to start. Well, I've been a first-time owner of a pair of Z-CoiLs for a week now. I was intrigued by the testimonials on the Z-CoiL site and other sites and decided to invest in a pair to see what the hype was all about. I'd been an almost daily long distance runner throughout my 20s and into my 30s. At about 33, I noticed that I wasn't recovering from my runs as quickly as I used to do. All right; age, no biggie. But the pain wasn't like I knew muscle pain to be. The pain was settled deeply into my hips and it took hours for this bone-deep, tooth-ache-like rotting pain to fade. As time went on, it took days to fade. After more time it took weeks. Running, which had been my pastime and passion, had become an agony. Even a short period of time at a light jog meant paying through the nose with pain for days afterwards. Reluctantly, I stopped. I didn't let on to those who knew me how much giving up running really hurt me emotionally. I continued aerobic exercise at home, but even that eventually reduced my walking to a hobble. Neighbors who saw me after a work-out assumed I was drunk or drugged, which I found out years later, to my horror! In recent years, I've worked on concrete, walking about five miles a day. Now it wasn't just my hips kicking the daylights out of me; my lower back, knees, one ankle, and one developing bunion were hurting me. By the end of every workday I was limping to my car. I hated my body for what it was doing to me ... then hating myself for what I must've done to my body to do this kind of downhill damage to it. I was researching doctors within my health plan who may do hip replacement on someone under 40, while knowing it was an awful idea. Ugly shoes You have to be kidding me! If Z-CoiLs gave me any portion of my life back, I'd wear them to every neighboring schools' Homecoming and Prom proudly! Ballroom gown and all! So, I got a pair a black, enclosed-heeled Freedoms for work. I got them on a work evening. I put them on. The healing started immediately. The pain was 100% gone from my lower back, hips and knees within the hour. The pain in my ankle and foot was about 80% gone and fading every day as of this writing. The day I bought and received my Z-CoiLs, I tried not to 'tempt fate' and still wouldn't bend over for anything. I hadn't been able to do so without lasting pain for about 10 years and I had no illusion that a pair of shoes would change this fact right away, if ever. Without thinking, I bent over to pet one of my dogs... ...for the first time in 10 years, no pain. None, zip, zilch, zero. It was a miracle. I burst into tears. Still sobbing, I tried it again, three more times. Not a twinge. I waited til my husband was home and showed him what Z-CoiL made me able to do. He laughed and hugged me, then asked me to throw out my other useless 'pre-pain' many pairs of shoes. Oh, gladly! :) One week later, I've scrimped on other expenses to purchase one more pair of Z-CoiLs for “tooling about town.” I bend over suddenly at random to enjoy the pain-free feeling of doing so. I feel like a kid again. My newest pair of Z-CoiLs will enable me to jog/speed walk for the first time in years. When I'm strong enough, I'm confident I'll be running again within the month. What Z-CoiL has given me far exceeds the price of the shoes. It's a miracle, plain and simple. When I think about my lack of pain and newfound mobility, it brings me to tears and I believe it will for a long time to come. I'm the happiest girl in the world because of what Z-CoiL did for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Z-CoiL! 

Jackie C Council Bluffs, Iowa 


Visit our website to learn more about the company Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people with back pain who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee back pain relief or we will give you a full refund.