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The Problem With Modern Footwear

Every time you walk, the impact of your foot hitting the ground sends tremendous stress up your foot, ankle, legs, knees and hips. Most modern shoes cannot handle this type of stress, which is a primary cause of the epidemic levels of foot leg and back pain among Americans. 

Many shoes that have soft, cushiony soles and purport to be good for your feet actually make the problem worse. Cushioning impact alone will not ensure healthy joints and pain relief. Shoes that offer extra padding actually encourage atrophy in the muscles of the foot. Weak muscles can lead to a number of compensating movements, many of which direct stress forces to areas of the foot that are not designed to absorb impact. 

Most modern shoes are too flexible from the forefoot to the heel of the shoe — allowing your plantar ligaments to twist and stretch, leading to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The soft cushioning in these shoes may be good for the joints and back, but it comes at a cost. The cushioning can collapse under pressure on the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) of the foot, which changes your normal walking cycle. This under or over pronation can cause pain and instability.

how running shoes make pain worse

Your footwear needs to not only be comfortable, it also needs to solve the fundamental problem of the impact that moves along your kinetic chain every time you step on a hard surface.

Some shoes try to "solve" this problem with a rigid sole that keeps your foot inside a normal range of motion as you walk. But these rigid soles do not absorb any impact. In fact, in some ways the rigid sole actually concentrates and amplifies the stress on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, legs and back. This stress damages joints and tissues, leading to chronic pain.

why high heeled shoes cause foot pain

Most modern footwear has taken an either-or approach to solving the problem of increased impact along the kinetic chain. Either they provide cushiony soles to reduce the force of impact, but allow the flexibility for soft tissues to move outside a normal range of motion; or they provide a rigid sole to keep the foot (and stress forces) in a natural range of motion but with very little impact-absorption.

Only Z-CoiL gives you the right balance between a soft cushion (via our patented spring coil) and a rigid orthotic that properly cradles your foot and gives your plantar ligaments the support they need.

footwear with rigid support and soft cushioning

Give your feet the proper support they need with Z-CoiL's patented pain relief footwear. Our built-in rigid orthotic cradles your foot and gives your plantar ligaments the support and stability they need, preventing under or over pronation. At the same time, our iconic spring coil cushions the bones and ligaments in your feet, knees, legs, hips and back, greatly diffusing the force applied to your foot when stepping on hard surfaces.

Stop torturing your feet. Try Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear today and discover what a difference it makes to wear footwear designed and engineered by pain relief experts.