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Hiking is great for your health!  Not only is it a great cardio-vascular workout, but it can lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of some cancers, increase your bone density, help you sleep great, reduce depression and burn up to 400 calories an hour. Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® brings you the only hiking shoe in the world with a built-in orthotic and a built in shock absorber for maximum hiking adventure with minimum injury and pain.  

Here is how our hiking boots are built for your protection and pain relief.


The Outback Hiker comes with or without an enclosed heel.  The enclosed heel  was designed for people whose work area has tripping hazards such as wires, ropes or cords but recommended if you feel your hiking trail may have rocks, loose sticks or roots which may occasionally get caught in the coil.   Although anything caught in the open coil can be easily removed with a simple shake.

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Read some testimonials from people who hike in Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®  and have improved their hiking experience with these pain relieving shoes.

Just want to say thanks, again and AGAIN, for the best shoes in the world! I'm a hiker, lifetime non-driver, and have been on every hiking trail imaginable. Since I don't drive, am also in the habit of walking a lot with a heavy backpack full of groceries, including up and down steep hills. My body is sort of out of alignment and I have problems standing for more than a minute. My feet are also very sensitive, and with other shoes I was in the habit of wearing two drugstore-type insoles turned upside down (!) to try to get more cushioning, plus a couple pairs of socks. This didn't work well at all, no matter what kind of insoles I tried or what kind of shoes I got; until my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes! I got my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes last year and was able to put them on layaway. Mere words cannot express the positive changes and added comfort that Z-CoiL shoes have meant to me. I love the way they look too! Recently went in for a "tuneup" and now my High-Desert Hikers feel even better. I have absolutely NO complaints whatsoever with these shoes -- they're the best thing that has ever happened to my feet! I've just started a down-payment on a pair of beautiful Z-Trek's. The store staff is wonderfully helpful and the store also has a great selection of socks.

Tony H San Francisco, California

Hello...I just got done hiking the Appalachian Trail with your Z-CoiL shoes. I would like to inform you that the response was overwhelming and I do believe a lot of people will be buying your product. The hiking shoes performed remarkably well on the long hike. I was the only hiker not to get any blisters or ankle/knee problems. Every day I found myself explaining to people how the spring would go heal to toe first and absorb the impact of the weight on my back. The shoes held up amazingly well, considering the conditions. Because of the rocks on the trail, the front part of the shoe could be made of a little stiffer rubber. Other then that, it's a great product and I wanted to say "thank you".

Matt C. Fair oaks, California

My knees have been such that after 11 minutes on the treadmill I have had to take weight off them by using the handrails. Both knees are worn out from years of running, plus, recently I damaged right knee soft tissue (meniscus) by twisting my knee hiking (apparently not uncommon for people my age I'm 69). Aerobics are important to me, but internet research said that, with bad knees, treadmills should be avoided unless they have a cushioned belt. None of the local gyms have anything like that. So, it seemed that the next best thing would be to get cushioned shoes. Research brought me to Z-CoiL. A few days ago I bought a pair of your Desert Hikers. My intent was to return them to your store if I saw minimal or no improvement on the Heart gym's treadmill. This is to let you know that I definitely will NOT be returning these shoes. Heck, this morning I spent 30 minutes at 3 mph with a 2 degree slope and felt I could just go on and on. I did discover, though, that rather than using the recommended rolling gait from back of heel to toes (which caused some knee discomfort), as long as I come down on the flat of the heel first, making sure my injured right leg was bent slightly at the knee, and then continued the step by rolling forward to my toes, both knees felt just fine. Thanks for inventing these......By the way, your 4th Street store in Albuquerque is about as good as a shoe store can get. Your people were very professional and spent considerable time with me to make sure everything was perfect.

Kenneth C Albuquerque, New Mexico    

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Outback Hiker


Outback Hiker with Enclosed Heel


 Watch this video to see how Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® can

relieve your pain and keep you hiking in the great outdoors!


Visit our website to learn more about the company Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people who hike for adventure who using our hikers to relieve their pain and we can help you too! We guarantee pain relief or we will give you a full refund.  

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