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About Z-CoiL

Z-CoiL is a small family owned business based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The shoe itself is an original idea that was born in 1991, and the company took off shortly after.

Father and son duo, Alvaro and Andres, traveled the world to find someone who would manufacturer their "far out" idea. In 1992, the spring shoe came to life and the company has never looked back. They have sold over a million shoes all around the world.

At 88 years old, inventor Alvaro still gets up and goes to work everyday in their headquarters located in Albuquerque. He still answers phones and helps fit customers. Alvaro believes in the shoes and their mission, and continues to run in his coils. Andres stays busy with small business strategy and he is constantly thinking up new and better ways to innovate their creation and contribute to the pain relief industry through revolutionary shoes.

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