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Alternative Medicine Pain Relief

Alternative Medicine Pain Relief is the term for any of various systems of healing or treating disease not included in the traditional medical currencies.


Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is the term for any of various systems of healing or treating disease not included in the traditional medical curricula of the United States and Britain.  Included in alternative medicine are chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, faith healing, and folk medicine.  In general, alternative medicine minimizes or eschews the use of surgery or drugs. 

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® were designed as a drug-free, surgery-free alternative to conventional pain treatment.  Mr. Alvaro Gallegos sold shoes for a living, but could not find a shoe that helped relieve any of the pain in his feet and legs that he experienced from being a recreational and competitive runner.  Mr. Gallegos' natural aversion to surgery or drugs led him to develop his own shoes.    Originally designed to relieve the pain associated with running, he quickly learned that the shoes were effective and efficient for anyone experiencing pain in the entire skeletal or muscular system.  

Founder Al Gallegos explains how he invented Z-CoiL® Footwear.

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Here is the basic design of the shoe and how it works



Click here to read more about each design feature built into the shoe to relieve your pain.

The Spring ------  The Orthotic -------- The Rocker Bottom -------- The Ergonomic Toebox


Read here some testimonials from people with pain who have improved their quality of life with these pain relieving shoes.


This my 4th pair. Allowed me to keep functional with my initial plantar fasciitis and subsequently with low back pain and then ankle pain. I recommend it to my patients. I had tried arch supports and steroid injections but they provided only limited relief. The Zcoils let me work on my feet for hours. Although not a cure and not pain free, they were the best alternative for sustained functional ability. Charles Wile


Visit our website to learn more about Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received thousands of testimonials from people with pain who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee pain relief or we will give you a full refund.  


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