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Z-CoiL Customers Are Givers

This isn't a blog post about Z-CoiL. It's about this wonderful community of Z-CoiL users. It's a blog post about you, our customer.

Recently we commissioned an analysis of our customers from a well known consumer analytics firm. These kinds of studies are one of many tools we use to better understand our customers. Why? So we can better find you and serve you.

First, a quick note about privacy. All data we provided was anonymized -- personal details were stripped away. All the analysis was at an aggregate level. At no point did the consumer analytics firm look at individual profiles. What they did was compare the sample we provided agains their massive database of consumer behavior.

Ok, with that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff. Here's what we want to celebrate. You guys are givers. You donate to charities and causes at a much higher rate than the average. Across the board, in every category, Z-CoiL customers are generous with their donations.

Animal charities? We found that on average 9% of Z-CoiL customers donate to animal related causes almost twice the national average.

Take a look at the other categories:

z-coil customers give to charity

As you can see, Z-CoiL customers are very engaged in the communities, donating to charities and institutions that focus on children, the environment, health, and veterans. And Z-CoiL customers are very active in donations to religious and political groups too.

Here's the thing, we didn't need a fancy consumer analytics company to tell us this. We've gotten to personally know thousands you over the years and we've found Z-CoiL customers to overwhelmingly care about others and want to make the world a better place. You don't just donate your money, we've found you also volunteer your time.

Call us biased (we are), but we think you're pretty awesome. Yet another reason to be proud to belong to the Z-CoiL community.