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Meet Our Walking Challenge Winner

At Z-CoiL, we believe in the power of walking to keep your body healthy, your mind sharp and your outlook bright. Which is why we encourage everyone to walk, walk, walk every chance we get. Earlier this summer we held our First Annual Z-CoiL Walking Challenge! We challenged you to walk ten miles in one week. At the end of the week, we would pick a winner who would get a free pair of Z-CoiLs.

We're excited to announce the winner of our Walking Challenge. Drum Roll please! . . . And the Winner is . . . Kris Nixon!

z-coil walking challenge winner

That's right! The winner of the 1st Annual Z-CoiL's walking challenge is Kris Nixon out of San Antonio, Texas. Kris works for the Post Office delivering mail all day, and she walks a minimum of 10 miles a day (see the 26,842 steps below:

Kris had never worn Z-CoiLs before, so she was extra excited to win. We asked Kris what it's like wearing Z-CoiLs. She says, "I absolutely love them, it's like walking on clouds!! i have had so many compliments on my shoes, and they do make a difference on your feet. I can even walk on uneven ground in the grass, rocks, pavement u name it! Totally worth it for your feet!!"

We're glad to hear it! 

Kris goes on to say, "Thank you to the Z-Coil team, yall are fantastic!! I will definitely help promote this awesome brand of shoes!! I feel honored to have earned your walking challenge!! These were most definitely needed my for my feet!! I love a company that shows compassion and care to their customers bc this is what brings you more business by word of mouth!!"

You're quite welcome. We hope you enjoy many many miles of happy walking.