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Keep Your Car in the Garage

Here at Z-CoiL we’re not averse to crazy-sounding ideas. After all, who would have predicted that a spring-heeled shoe would be a revolutionary development in therapeutic footwear? But thinking outside the box goes further than the shoes on your feet: it extends to the streets and neighborhoods around you and the way you get from place to place.

So here’s the crazy idea: stop using your car. We don’t mean sell it, or give it to your nephew, or donate it to the radio station: we mean keep it in your garage as much as possible, where it won’t be contributing to rising levels of greenhouse gases or reducing your own physical mobility. Walking or riding your bike instead of driving your car can have a huge impact on your life for the better: eliminating stress caused by your commute, improving your cardiovascular health, toning your leg and back muscles, and of course, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Unlike with Z-CoiL’s unique scientifically-proven shoe design, we’re far from the first people to propose this particular idea. You might have heard the phrase “New Urbanism” before, but we can’t blame you if you couldn’t say what it means, exactly. The basic idea is simple: cities should be functional and livable for people even without a car. This idea is picking up steam in major cities around the world, and there’s even an international nonprofit organization dedicated to New Urbanism. On a practical level, New Urbanism means breaking up mono-functional zoning, eliminating food deserts, and reducing the need for private transportation. The benefits of adopting a New Urbanist policy for city planning and renewal are numerous, and include a stronger local economy, reduced carbon emissions, and healthier and happier residents.

At Z-CoiL we are all about being healthier and happier: that’s the whole point of making the world’s best orthopedic footwear. We know that giving up your car isn’t feasibly for some people: this is definitely easier if you live in a city with accessible public transportation, good bike paths, and a variety of amenities near at hand. Even if you can’t go completely car-free, though, living close enough to your job that you can walk or bike there makes a major impact both personally and ecologically: your commute is a big proportion of your total carbon footprint, so getting rid of the need to drive or even take the bus to work is one of the best things you can do for the planet.

Still, we know it might not be possible to move closer to your job or rely on public transit. The point is that the more you opt for your own two feet rather than taking the car, the better off you and the environment will be. And Z-CoiLs make it easier to get around by foot: our patented collapsing heel spring and built-in orthotic mean that every step imparts less stress to your joints and muscles for less pain, less energy expended, and greater mobility. Try them for yourself: we have tons of supportive walking shoes to choose from, and you’re sure to find a pair you love.