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Bad Shoes Can Cause Bone Spurs

Bad Shoes Can Cause Bone Spurs ballet footwear uncomfortable footwear

Mechanically, our feet are incredibly complex. They are made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 tendons and muscles each. They haul us up and down stairs, bend and flex and push to get us into cars, play racquetball, climb mountains, dance, chase toddlers, do gymnastics on a balance beam, and a million other things.

Incredible! We owe our feet a lot!

Choices Left and Right

When we put our very complicated and very busy feet into poor quality shoes, we can hurt them over time. Yes, they are resilient and made to take a lot of use, but even the most well-designed machines will break down if they do not receive proper care.

Take flip-flops for example. Comfortable, easy, cheap, and a staple of many summer wardrobes. They might be a dream to wear at the beach, but if we wear them like regular day-to-day shoes, we may be asking for trouble. Walking in flip-flops changes our stride, which reflects in changed mechanics up the entirety of our body (ankles, knees, hips, etc.). Their lack of arch support can leave your long plantar ligament strained and inflamed. And a common heel spur cause is the lack of cushioning in flip-flops, which irritates your calcaneus (heel bone).

What Are Heel Spurs?

heel spur bone spur

Take a look at this x-ray photograph of a bone spur in the foot. You can easily see how this could cause tremendous pain and misery to a person was putting their full weight down on it with each step. As our bones absorb wear and tear over the years, they make efforts to strengthen themselves in places where they are wearing out. When a bone tries to strengthen itself, it creates a deposit of calcium and other minerals called an osteophyte, or bone spur. Many times a bone spur will just exist and our soft tissue will move over and around it for years with no problems. But other times, particularly in high-use areas like shoulders and feet, bone spurs can be very painful!

(Photo: Projectional Radiography of Calcaneal Spur, Copyright Lucian Monfils)

How Shoes Can Hurt or Help

The average American takes between 5,000 and 7,000 steps per day. While your heart doctor might well want you to take more than that, your feet are probably already in pain. Seventy-five percent of people experience foot pain over the course of their lives—most of it due to wearing shoes that do not provide feet with proper support.

Shoes need to provide enough cushion to absorb the impact of your day-to-day life, and enough firm support for the sole of your foot. If they do not provide these two things, your shoes are not good enough.

That being said, there are shoes on the market that have been carefully designed and constructed to provide your feet all the support and cushion they need to prevent bone spurs in feet. Here at Z-CoiL, correct shoes are our job. Our company’s purpose is simple: make shoes that take care of people’s feet.

To that end, we have created

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We offer a wide range of sizes, a patented design, and a 30-day risk free guarantee that our shoes will reduce your foot pain. Our many happy customer testimonials speak for themselves as well. These shoes do the job in preventing unhealthy bone growth in the foot!

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