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5 Ways Teachers Can Reduce Pain From Standing All Day

5 Ways Teachers Can Reduce Pain From Standing All Day

Teachers often don’t get the credit they deserve. These professionals impart wisdom to children of all ages. And although the job isn’t usually physically demanding, one thing can make it uncomfortable: standing. Read about some of the ways teachers can reduce pain from standing all day.

Wear the Right Shoes

Wearing the wrong pair of sneakers can affect your entire day. Since the feet are the foundation of the body, you must support them properly. For example, purchasing orthopedic shoes for men and women will reduce the impact of your feet on the ground, in turn reducing pain from standing for hours at a time.

Take Breaks When Possible

Taking breaks from standing is necessary to relieve pain. Try giving some of your lessons while sitting, or lean against a chalkboard or desk to eliminate pressure on your feet. You have to listen to what your body is telling you and rest when necessary.

Stretch & Strengthen Muscles

Another way that teachers can reduce pain from standing all day is by stretching and strengthening their muscles. The stronger your muscles are, the less strain you’ll feel while standing. One pro tip is to purchase a roller that you can roll on the bottom of your feet to stretch muscles that often go ignored.

Visit a Chiropractor

Visiting a chiropractor is perhaps the most beneficial task on this list. Chiropractors can soothe your muscles after a day full of standing. They’ll know exactly what your body needs to release tension.

Practice Good Posture

Growing up, we all heard our parents say, “Sit up straight.” This lesson may prove advantageous for teachers as well. People who have to stand all day must have good posture to alleviate body pain. The more aligned your spine and pelvis are, the better you’ll feel.

Educators love imparting wisdom and seeing the looks on students’ faces when they learn something new. Yet this joy can fade after a full day of being on one’s feet. Listen to your body when it’s in pain. Solutions such as orthopedic footwear exist, and they’re easy to apply to any lifestyle.