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The Best Shoes for Warehouse Workers

best shoes for warehouse workersWith e-commerce exploding, retailers have an increasing need for warehouses to store their goods for shipment. And one of the biggest needs in warehouses is speed. While robots are increasingly being used for rapidity, there will always be human workers on the floor of this fast-paced and busy industry.

In 2012, around 350,000 Americans worked in warehousing facilities. As of March 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that over 1.18 million people worked at warehouse and storage facilities in the United States. As the number of Americans who work in warehouses increases, so do the number of foot and back ailments. After all, moving stock, walking on hard concrete for three-quarters of your day, and heavy lifting in a warehouse is no easy “feat.” 

Since your feet are the only point of contact with the ground when performing these activities, they absorb much of the shock, then send it upwards through your legs to your lower back. So after a long shift, both your feet and lower back might be aching and sore, which can hinder your productivity at work and affect your mood in general. That’s why having the best shoe for warehouse work is important; with the right warehouse shoes for work, you can minimize your risk of injury, improve your comfort while walking and standing, and maximize your effectiveness in unforgiving conditions.

From the Prime Workboot and the Prime Workboot with the Safety Toe to the Legend Black Slip Resistant boot, Z-CoiL pain relief footwear are the best shoes for warehouse work and concrete walking, as each shoe incorporates a built-in conical spring coil that cushions the impact your body feels from stepping on hard ground by up to 60% more than conventional shoes. And since impact is the primary cause of foot, leg, and back pain, your body will notice an immediate difference. Plus, every pair has a fitted rigid orthotic that protects your plantar ligaments and tissues at the bottom of your feet, eliminating painful conditions like plantar fascia and heel spurs. 

shoes for warehouse pickers

An additional feature includes the Rocker Bottom Sole that assists your foot during toe-off dramatically relieving pressure on forefoot/metatarsal joints when walking 

and standing. The combination of the Conical Spring, Z-Orthotic, Forefoot Rocker, and ¾ forefoot cushioning, insulates your foot and acts as a protective barrier between your foot and the damaging effects of repetitive impact on hard surfaces. The warehouse foot protection technology isn't revolutionary. It's evolutionary; it's engineered to help you stride the way the human body was designed to, in an environment that the human body was not designed for. It’s engineered to put a spring in your step! 

Warehouse pickers, too, have a very labor-intensive job. They spend hours and sometimes whole shifts on their feet. This can be taxing on someone’s body–one of the best ways to prevent damage is to step into a pair of Z-CoiL Outback Hikers. The best shoes for warehouse pickers, the Outback (and the Outback Hiker with the Safety Toe) are breathable, have a wide toe box, a long wear outsole, a padded collar, and endless support and cushioning, so you can concentrate on your work…not your feet, back, knees, or hips!

It is vital for a warehouse employee to have the best shoes for warehouse walking, moving on hard surfaces, and lifting heavy loads. 

Give your precious feet the support and impact protection they deserve with Z-CoiL boots, and they will serve you with miles and miles of uncomplaining service.

You’ve got nothing to lose but your pain.