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Foam Inserts

You may have wondered why we include a set of foamy grey inserts in every pair of Z-CoiL Footwear.   Foam inserts are the Z-CoiL® shoe fitter's best friend. They allow you to customize your shoes to your feet.  They allow the contours of the orthotic, forefoot cushioning, and insole to be indirectly adjusted so that the interior of Z-CoiL® footwear can be sculpted to be exactly what you require. Foam inserts also help improve the fit of the upper. Types of Foam Inserts Two types of foam inserts are available to you from Z-CoiL. One pair of the 3mm thick foam inserts comes packed in almost every pair of footwear. These are usually black in color, though some of the inserts may be white. Also available from Z-CoiL are 6mm foam inserts. These are grey and are printed with some size guidelines to make cutting them easier. This thicker, 6mm, foam also comes in packages of 10 and is used for filling the depth of our footwear for customers with very slender foot profiles.  Please call the company if you feel you need a pair of 6mm foam inserts. Placement Always place the foam insert under the insole of the footwear so that your foot rests on the fabric surface of the insole and not directly on foam rubber, which could be hot and hold moisture. Half Sizes By far, the most common use for foam inserts is in creating half sizes. Z-CoiLâ footwear does not come in half sizes, as most footwear does not. The difference in length between a full size and a half size is only 1/6 of an inch. You can fit your foot for a half-size by placing a foam insert under the insole of the shoe. This raises your foot up to a slightly shorter and, incidentally, slightly narrower part of the shoe, thus causing it to feel tighter, like a half-size smaller shoe would.


Arrow Cuts Foam inserts can be used whole or can be custom-cut. When using just part of an insert, don't cut it straight across; a sensitive foot is more likely to feel a straight edge under the insole. Instead, do a curving cut or use an "arrow cut" at the edge of the insert piece. An arrow cut won't be felt, even by the most sensitive customer. Point the "arrow" toward the piece you are intending to use. Here are examples of some of the cuts that can be made in the foamy inserts to help with your specific fitting problem.  




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