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Insoles, Arches & You

Insoles, Arches & You Z-CoiL Pain Relief Orthotic Shoes

The average person probably doesn’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about their feet. Which is good—overall you should really have better things to do with your time. But when your feet hurt, all the sudden they are front and center in your attention. Why do they hurt so badly? And how can you make it stop? Someone, anyone…a solution please?

Our feet are complex mechanisms that bend and hold steady, push and pull, go right and left, and get stood on and hiked on mercilessly. As hard as our feet work, it’s no wonder they hurt sometimes. Love your feet, people! They do a lot for you and you can’t just go out and pick up another set on sale when the ones you were born with get tired.

Arch Pain and It’s Complications

The arches of our feet are some of the biggest culprits of foot pain. Our arches start right behind the balls of our feet and go back to our heels. They are shock absorbers, body stabilizers, and surface adapters that are made up of tarsals and metatarsals, ligaments and tendons.

But…as we all know, sometimes the fantastic design of our bodies doesn’t quite get the job done correctly. And the wonderful support mechanism that is our arches causes tremendous discomfort when it is stressed or malfunctioning.

Arch pain may start out as a simple need for more arch support, but it can grow and change and spread into serious problems like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, lower back and hip pain, even Morton’s neuroma. In other words, if you start feeling pain in your arches, figure out how to alleviate it! Give your arches the support they need now so that you don’t develop a more severe, far-reaching health issue that can stay with you for months or even years.

A Simple Solution

Your arches are made to bend and flex. That is their strength, but it is also their weakness. Give them proper support, and you will find that your arch pain and many other complications that start from arch pain disappear. Here at Z-CoiL, our patented shoe design includes a supportive insole that can be replaced as it starts to wear. There’s no need to replace the whole shoe, just keep that insole fresh for the best support you can offer your feet.

Our insoles come in several different forms. A black version and a blue version that fit inside every enclosed Z-CoiL shoe we make. A sandal version for our open structure shoes. And our Z-Fit Insoles with custom arches. Our Z-Fits are our lightest, most breathable, most padded, most adjustable insoles. Each one can be customized to fit your arches, whether they are low, average, or high.

No two arches are the same. Support yours so that your body thrives. Give them the support and cushioning that they need for comfort and proper alignment. Our patented design has delivered proven results to over a million customers world-wide. Update your Z-CoiL insoles today and make your shoes feel like brand new again.