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What's in a Pair of Z-CoiLs?

We’re not shy about letting people know that Z-CoiLs are better than other footwear, but maybe you’re wondering what it is, exactly, that sets them apart. Z-CoiL’s unique design, of course, is a major part of it: using a self-collapsing heel spring and a built-in orthotic in the same shoe isn’t just revolutionary, it’s unmatched in its ability to provide comfortable and consistent support to your entire body, with every step.

But there’s another secret to Z-CoiL’s success: the world-class materials that go into every shoe. Each individual piece that makes up a pair of Z-CoiLs is manufactured from materials that were handpicked for their effectiveness in that particular role. Let’s go down the list:

Zytel Orthotics

Most orthotics are made from thin, flexible plastic. They twist and even bend, providing very little structural support for your foot. On the other hand, every pair of Z-CoiLs is built with a patented full-length orthotic made from Zytel, the same industrial-grade polymer used in high-end knife handles and even firearm frames. These built-in Zytel orthotics are durable while still providing enough flex to stay strong for thousands and thousands of steps.

High-Grade Steel Springs

Our unique Z-CoiL heel springs are made from automotive valve wire: the same high-grade steel used in Chevy Corvettes. Using this specific kind of steel allows the springs to collapse “past flat” and still spring back into their original shape, over and over again, without deforming or losing strength. And, like the best performance car parts, our heel springs are powdercoated for a hard-wearing, great-looking coat of paint.

Rocker-Bottom Sole

Our extra-cushioned forefoot provides several advantages: besides the fact that it helps level the shoe from front to back, it is also designed to reduce impact and provide additional support. The forefoot cushion is made from dual-density EVA padding and is twice as thick as average walking shoe outsoles, and is specially sculpted to encourage a natural, healthy range of motion with each step.

Felt-Topped Insoles

Removeable insoles are a standard feature of quality footwear, so we can’t take credit for inventing the idea. But our insoles are specially designed for comfort and durability, featuring reinforced edge stitching and a felt layer on top for extra cushion and breathability. And our Z-Fit Custom Arch Insoles take this whole idea to a new level, with easily swappable arches made from supportive foam.

Other shoe manufacturers use whatever materials they can source cheaply: low-grade foam rubber, cheap plastics, even cardboard. They do this to cut costs and to create a product that wears out quickly, so you need to go buy another pair sooner. Z-CoiL isn’t about that. We want our customers to enjoy and trust in their footwear, and so we made careful decisions about every single component to ensure effective support, comfort, and long-lasting pain relief for years to come.