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The Impossibles: Donna

At 5 feet tall and 207 lbs, Donna was struggling through life. She was constantly tired, had trouble breathing, and her back, leg, and foot pain were never-ending. Walking was difficult and walking up stairs was nearly impossible. She knew that something had to change. That’s when she turned to Z-CoiLs.

z-coil customer testimonial donna

Donna always wanted to exercise and be active. She just had trouble doing so because any pair of regular shoes that she would wear would give her blisters and make her feet ache. Once the problem became too much to live with, she took matters into her own hands and started searching for better footwear solutions. She went to a small footwear store in her town, and thankfully, they had Z-CoiLs in stock. She thought they looked strange, but she was intrigued. She tried on a pair, and instantly fell in love!

Right around the same time that she found Z-CoiLs, Donna had Gastric Bypass Surgery. A serious surgery like that requires a major lifestyle change, so Donna HAD to exercise and walk a lot. Thanks to her Z-CoiLs, instead of dreading and suffering through walking and exercising, she began to love it. She found a nice trail near her home and started walking all the time. Slowly but surely she started to feel better. The excess pounds started slipping off and all the pain in her body gradually faded away.

zcoil customer donna living pain free

Now, 12 years later, Donna is loving her golden years and is more active than ever. Z-CoiLs took her impossible circumstances, flipped them around, and gave her the life she had always envisioned. Thanks to Z-CoiLs, Donna stands taller in every possible way! It’s powerful and life-changing testimonials like this one that keep us motivated to continuously improve and innovate our products while getting the word out to as many people as possible. Thanks for sharing your impossible story, Donna!