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Doctor Recommended Shoes

Z-CoiL® Footwear are designed to relieve pain and are often recommended by doctors and medical professionals.

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Read these testimonials from customers who took their doctors advice and improved the quality of their lives through the use of Z-CoiL Footwear!

Prior to my Z-CoiL experience, I had difficulty ambulating from the bedroom to the bathroom which is across the hall. I started working when I was seven years old. On 7/28/09 I will be seventy-nine years old. You do the math!! I purchased my first pair of shoes from Maria Hernandez in Dallas, TX, two months ago. I now own 3 pair of Z-CoiL shoes. Unfortunately, my insurance would not pay for them (shame on them)! They pay thousands of dollars for chairs, but not for shoes that keep a person upright instead of seated. I feel as though I received a "get out jail free card" and my next seventy-nine years will be more active (smile)! I had a Doctor's visit yesterday, and she noted my progress. She stated, "I will order Z-CoiL shoes for my other patients with similar problems!!" Many Thanks!

Vita J. D Irving, Texas

As the owner of ECHO Hockey, a hockey tournament series, I travel all over the country and spend long days on my feet all weekend at the rink. With long days and short nights of sleep, I would jump on the plane Sunday night to head home with aching feet. I tried all the brands you can name that are known for their comfort...and yet I still came home with sore feet. Most of the pain was in my heels. A few months ago during a doctor visit, I noticed that my doctor was wearing Z-CoiL shoes. My first impression was "what the heck are those on your feet" She explained that since she is on her feet all day, she needed to wear comfortable shoes. Hmm..., I thought, that makes sense. Me too! So I looked up Z-CoiL on the Internet and found out that they had a store nearby in Houston. I bought my first pair about a month ago and "sore feet" are now a thing of the past! At the tournaments people are constantly walking up to me and asking about my shoes. They are really a great conversation starter, that's for sure. "What kind of shoes are those"! Z-CoiL.

Jason M Houston, Texas

I'm a healthcare professional who travels. I have also had foot problems forever. I've got flat feet and Mortons syndrome. Years ago I had major problems, and the doctors were wanting me to have surgery to have the misalignment corrected (they wanted to break my feet and reset the bones!). They warned me that if I didn't have the surgery, one day I would really regret it. Well, stubborn as I am, I thought there is no way I'm letting them do this. I've always been diligent about wearing shoes with good support and up until recently this worked okay for me. I still had pain/swelling from time to time, but dealt with it as the problems surfaced. The hospital where I'm currently contracted is very large and very busy. I'm on my feet constantly. One busy weekend, my feet started making this horrible crunching noise with each step and I was in complete agony and downing mass quantities of ibuprofen just to be able to complete that shift. Yes, the problems of my very active youth were resurfacing. I was developing metatarsal fractures in both feet and tearing some ligaments as well. Desperate, 400 miles from home and barely able to walk, I called my doctor and told him what was going on. He INSISTED that I find a shoe store that sells Z-CoiL shoes and buy them immediately. He also told me as soon as I could to come in and see him for some bone scans, etc. These shoes have literally saved my feet! I went out and purchased them, lucky that there is a dealer here where I'm at (Springshod Shoes in Dayton, OH) and wore them out of the store... and directly to work. They say that some people don't get complete relief from these shoes for a few days or weeks, but my pain relief was immediate. I went to work, ran around all night long and needed NO ibuprofen. My feet did not swell even a tiny bit, and in the morning when my 12-hour shift was over, had ZERO pain. Okay, so I'm hard-headed. A couple of days later I needed to go to the store, so I wore my much-loved running shoes. Within minutes my feet were in extreme pain! After a few nights off I was scheduled to work five 12-hour shifts in a row. Thanks to these wonderful shoes, I did just that. I was absolutely free from pain, swelling, or any discomfort at all. I haven't thrown out my other shoes YET, but I sure can't wear them. And I'm sure that before my contract here ends, I WILL be buying several more pairs. Buying these shoes was like buying a brand new pair of feet. I cannot express just how much these shoes have done for me. Yes, they are expensive, but without them I would not be able to work and as a single mother, I have to work. Thank you.

Susan D Dayton, Ohio

In November of 2006 I participated in the 3-day/60-mile breast cancer walk to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This was the third year I had participated in this walk. The first year I wore regular tennis shoes and had some blister problems. I also developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot, which necessitated surgery. The second year I wore a different brand of tennis shoes and had major blister problems and foot pain. The tennis shoes I used both years could not withstand the number of miles I put on them in my training walks and the actual walk. The tread was worn down so the soles of the shoes were flat and smooth, and the insides of the shoes were worn, leaving holes in the fabric. Because of all my foot pain my doctor suggested I get Z-CoiL shoes for my training for the 2006 walk and for the walk itself. I took his advice and purchased my shoes at Aubry's Therapeutic Footwear in Torrance. These shoes made all the difference for me in my training and the 2006 walk. The foot pain I had been experiencing in both feet disappeared. I only developed a couple of blisters on the walk, but they were not an issue. I'm amazed that with the hundreds of miles I have put on these shoes, they are not worn out. In fact, they're still like new. There is no visible wear on the soles at all and the insides are still in great shape. I'm so glad I took my doctor's advice. 2006 was the best of the three years I have done the walk.

Pamela S Santa Clarita, California

I am 63 years old and the Z-CoiL shoes I have been wearing for 13 months have given me a chance to enjoy parts of life that had not been possible for several years. Thirty-five years ago a ladder I was standing on while painting our home gave way on soft ground and the ladder and I fell to the ground with my ankle getting caught on the steps. My ankle broke in two places along with a break on my back leg bone. The ankle break was so severe that pins were used to hold it together. After about 30 years the cartilage was gone and the pain so severe I was using a cane and even crawling to get around in my home. Ultimately the doctor decided to fuse the ankle and another pin was inserted. This removed the pain, but with a fused ankle one is not able to walk up and down stairs like before. One has to take one step at a time like a child just beginning to learn to walk stairs. The fall also injured my back and has left me with a thinning disk between two vertebrae. For the past few years I would experience pain in my lower back after standing or walking for 15 minutes. My husband and I own and operate a summer food concession business and need to be on our feet for hours, and it became very difficult. When grocery shopping needed to be done, my husband had to do it for me. We seriously considered buying an electric cart for me to get around with. Then in March of 2004 I saw a woman wearing these strange-looking shoes with a coil heel. I asked her about them and she told me how they had changed her life. I was ready to try anything. So we found a store and I bought a pair of sandals and a pair of walking shoes. I immediately put on a pair. We were in Corpus Christi at the time and the aircraft carrier The SS Lexington was docked there and open for tours. The ship is a few stories high with narrow, steep steps. I couldn't believe it, and neither could my husband, but I toured the whole ship. He asked if I didn't want to sit down, knowing normally I would, but I was having no problem with my lower back or my ankle. I continued to wear the Z-CoiL shoes all summer while working, and was so pleased with the results. I began to do the grocery shopping and was thoroughly enjoying it. Christmas shopping in the past meant shopping about 30 minutes at the most. At Christmas 2004, I actually shopped for six hours at a time, walking on those hard mall floors. I had such a good time. My son had moved to NYC and in September 2004 we went to visit him. He warned me of all the walking that would be necessary. It was much more than I imagined, but for three days I walked the streets of NYC and up and down the steps to the subway train and had no pain. This winter we took a bus tour into Mexico and there were many times we walked on guided tours. I told my husband, I couldn't have done this without my Z-CoiL shoes. My chiropractic doctor examined my shoes and said it was the best shock absorber I could wear for my lower back situation. Because of my positive experience, several other acquaintances have purchased Z-CoiL shoes and have also had positive experiences.

Nancy K Madison Lake, Minnesota

I am 32 and have been a hairstylist for 15 years. I am also flat-footed and very overweight. About a year and a half ago I started to have horrible pain in my heels and in the arches of my feet. It got so bad, I would cry and I would literally limp out to the car after work. Eventually, it got to where I couldn't even walk around the grocery store, it hurt so bad. The less I was mobile, the more weight I would gain and the more pressure it put on my feet; it was a vicious cycle.  I eventually went to a doctor and he recommended I try out the Z-CoiL shoe, so I did. I bought two pair, a black leather pair for work and a pair of tennis shoes so I could hopefully start going to the gym.  The first time I wore them I felt a huge difference. It was no less than a miracle for me. I tear up just thinking about it. After wearing them for a couple of weeks, I finally got up the nerve to go the gym and give them a whirl. It has now been about eight months since I first tried out my shoes and I am walking on the treadmill for an hour at a time, on an incline no less! I am about 40 pounds lighter so far and I feel soooo much better. I am convinced that these shoes saved my life. I was on a fast downhill slide with my health and now, even though I have a lot of weight to lose, I'm in the best shape I have been in, in my adult life. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!

Christi B McKinney, Texas

I bought my first pair 2 years ago at a local retailer. I was barely able to walk after a year of doctors, tests, and therapy. I was not a surgical candidate but with the myriad of issues I had going on it was just getting worse. From the lower back down I was a total mess! I happened to see in my podiatrist’s office an ad for z-coil so jumped online to find the nearest store to my home. The day I walked into that store changed my life literally! I went in barely able to walk, pain and my trusty old cane. I tried on shoes and got fitted with the correct orthotic and it was amazing! I practically skipped out of the store. I was thrilled to be able to walk again! I am grateful for these shoes and for giving me back the ability to walk normal again. None of my health issues that created this problem have gone away but I can walk again comfortably. Thank you Z-CoiL!

Kim R Andrews, Indiana

I tried Z-CoiLs about 4 or 5 years ago due to extreme back pain. I had a stroke and when I learned to walk again, it was painful due to previous injuries. In 2008 I had gotten to the point that I was not walking very well and my pain level was so high that I was falling frequently when I attempted to walk. My doctor finally determined to keep me from further harm, she would put me in a wheel chair. I was very opposed to this since I had spent two years in a wheelchair after my stroke. As a last resort she suggested I try the Z-CoiLs. She said it could not hurt and at this point any relief was better than none. I bought a pair of Z-CoiLs and I have been walking ever since. My pain is not gone but is manageable. I am walking and without a cane! I now own four pairs of Z-CoiLs. They are the only shoes I wear!

Kellie T San Antonio, Texas

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