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How To Alleviate Back Pain With the Right Pair of Shoes

Few things are worse than working a 12-hour shift. No matter the industry, standing on your feet for that long is no fun. It causes sore feet and even back pain. Luckily, you don’t have to stand in misery—you can do something to make those workdays a little more bearable, and it all starts with your shoes. Follow this guide on how to alleviate back pain with the right pair of shoes so that you can start living a pain-free life. Hopefully, you’ll start to enjoy going to work again instead of dreading it.

How To Alleviate Back Pain With the Right Pair of Shoes

Signs Your Shoes Are Causing Back Pain

Before we can discuss how to alleviate back pain with the right pair of shoes, you need to know the signs that your shoes are causing the problem in the first place. One way to tell that your shoes are the sources of your pain is to look at the inserts. Are there uneven indents or angles on the insert? Are there wrinkles on the sole of the shoe? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then your shoes may be hurting your back.

Arguably, the arch is the most essential part of the shoe. If the arch or an insert is angled wrong or damaged, then you’ll almost certainly be in pain.

The Importance of Cushioning

The correct cushioning can dramatically change your day. You need shoes that conform to the shape of your foot, not a pair that makes you feel as though you’re walking on rocks. Z-CoiL’s orthopedic sneakers for women have proper cushioning that protect the feet, legs, and back. A felt-lined removable insole also shapes to your foot so that it feels as though you’re walking on a cloud 24-7.

Finding the Right Size

Your back pain might stem from the fact that you’re wearing the wrong-sized shoes. Your feet need to breathe in the sneakers. The more you have to squish your feet into the shoes, the more likely your back will hurt because you’re putting unnecessary pressure on the foundation of your body.

Z-CoiL recommends going up a size if you’re unsure which size will work better for you. The shoe should have a minimum of ½ of an inch of space in front of your longest toe. It’s better to have more room than not enough. When you find shoes that fit, you’ll see a noticeable difference.

Z-CoiL’s footwear has wide toe boxes that will set your toes free; you won’t have to smoosh your feet in them. Measure your feet before shopping so that you can get the exact size you need.

Avoid Certain Types of Footwear

Summer is just around the corner. You might be tempted to whip out those old-school flip-flops and take a trip to the beach. But if you’re trying to alleviate back pain, avoid doing this at all costs! Wearing the improper footwear will make the pain worse and cause an imbalance in your body. Here’s a list of certain footwear you should avoid:

  • Flip-flops: As we mentioned, you shouldn’t wear flip-flops if you have back pain. They offer no arch and plantar ligament support adding additional pressure to your feet. Plus, they offer little to no cushioning, which will also cause unnecessary pain. Keep the flip-flops in your closet.
  • High heels: Ladies, we get it: high heels make every outfit a little more fabulous. But the next time you go out, ask yourself if it’s worth the pain. Your feet aren’t meant to bend into those shapes for extended periods of time. Choose sneakers for your next night on the town.

Shoes That Correct Posture

Something that many people don’t think about when shoe shopping is how footwear affects their posture. When you wear the wrong kind of shoes, your body doesn’t behave the way it should. You’re probably using muscles that aren’t intended to be used in that way, and everything is uneven. For this reason, your gait might change, causing you to walk unnaturally.

Choosing shoes that correct bad posture and change the way you walk can alleviate your back pain. You’ll see a dramatic change when you get the right pair of shoes: you’ll stand taller, and your body will feel a sense of relief.

Replace Worn-Out Shoes

Yes, we all have that beloved pair of sneakers in our closets. These shoes maybe beat up and partially ripped, but we love them anyway. Sadly, it might be time to cut the cord if you’re experiencing back pain. Older sneakers lose their shape and support over time, and you won’t feel as good wearing them as you once did. So it’s vital to replace your shoes in a timely manner to determine if this will lessen your pain. You can always keep the footwear as a memento of the past, but you shouldn’t wear it anymore.

Another pro tip is to keep multiple pairs of shoes in your closet. By having several pairs, you can alternate which ones you wear. The less you wear each pair, the longer they’ll keep their shape.

Z-CoiL is dedicated to changing people’s lives through footwear. Nurses, hospitality workers, and everyday citizens deserve to have shoes that’ll support them throughout the day. If you have to be on your feet for extended periods of time, you need something that’s going to keep you comfortable.

Shoes with excellent arch support are musts. Flip-flops, flats, and high heels aren’t good for you if you’re going to be standing all day. Additionally, your sneakers should have some type of cushioning to alleviate any pain that may arise during the day. Z-CoiL’s orthopedic footwear has cushioning that protects the body from unnecessary impact. The proprietary Z-CoiL spring cushioning system protects everything in the foot, legs, and back. Z-CoiL Footwear also features built-in rigid orthotics that form to the shape of the foot and protects the plantar ligaments, greatly reducing heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

Getting the right-size shoes is also wise so that you aren’t squishing your toes in there. Don’t forget to replace your shoes in a timely manner, either. The older a shoe gets, the more likely it is to lead to back pain. So follow this advice the next time you go shopping, and check out Z-CoiL’s site today. Our footwear will change your life, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t switch sooner. You’ll be walking on cloud nine all day long, even if you’re stuck at work!

How To Alleviate Back Pain With the Right Pair of Shoes