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Z-Fit Custom Arch Insole

Z-Fit Custom Arch Insole

No Two Feet Are Alike

Have you every tried special insoles but they did not work? That is because you may have one arch higher than the other arch. Or more commonly the arch on the insole did not match the shape and height of your arch. You have two unique feet, so your insole should accommodate the shape of your feet and arch. By properly supporting your arch, you reduce the risk of long-term foot pain and dramatically increase your comfort level.

Introducing Z-Fit

Z-Fit allows for a perfect fit, for your left and right foot. The result is relief from pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and unlimited all-day comfort. The Z-Fit insole is easily customizable to your particular arch type (low, medium, or high). By simply attaching a green (low), orange (medium), or red (high) you can get the perfect arch support.

Sold out

Our Z-Fit ships with 2 insoles and 6 replaceable arches!

The reason arch support is important is it holds your arch and plantar ligaments steady and also reduces pressure on your heel – creating even pressure distribution – and all-day pain relief. Customize your ride today with the new Z-Fit from Z-CoiL!

I love these insoles and the arch support. I especially like the fact that my arches are different. I can have one arch support my left foot and one support my right.

-Tammy G.

It was like heaven on my feet. Just what I needed. My pain is now relieved, so it turns out I just needed a little more support. Thank you Z-CoiL!

-Joyce R.

I've been finding these to be excellent for my feet. I've been using Dr. Scholls and these shoes make me feel like I have more contact. No gellings for me.

-James G.

Excellent! My left foot is healing from major reconstructive surgery. I always had very flat feet, however, following surgery, my arch has to be lifted or I have pain. These arch inserts are perfect. I enjoy adjusting the height of the insole, as my foot becomes more healed.

-Vanessa A.

After spending hundreds of dollars on various insoles, I've finally found ones that offer comfort, heel and arch support.

-James Z.

I love these insoles. I have always had problems with heel inflammation and cannot stand long at all. I've tried numerous shoes and insoles to no avail. Now, I find myself working full days flipping properties and not being in pain at the end of the day like I used to be.

-Jeff O.  

More on Z-Fit

The Z-Fit is the only insole that has a customizable arch. The customizable arch allows you to adjust each insole for a low, medium, or high arch. The added benefit is that you can customize each foot to the arch to provide optimal comfort.

By properly supporting your arch, you reduce the risk of long-term foot pain and dramatically increase your comfort level. Our Z-Fit was developed with and is used by leading podiatry experts. Our inserts fit in most shoes and are lightweight and breathable.

Who is a good candidate?

  • Anyone with foot, leg or back pain
  • Those seeking more comfort
  • People with foot pain most often caused by heel spurs and plantar fascia
  • Someone needing extra padding to prevent pain in forefoot
  • Those wanting to mitigate future foot damage
  • Both women and men
  • All feet sizes
  • Those wanting to improve posture


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