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Sneak in a Short Hike

Go hiking with Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear and avoid common hiking injuries and pain

It’s springtime: the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the Z-CoiL patented self-collapsing heel coils are reducing your pain with every step!

There are a ton of fun springtime activities to take advantage of now that the weather is perfect, but one that we highly recommend is hiking. It’s a great way to enjoy nature while getting some physical activity to promote better cardio and muscular health. The National Park Service has a list of hiking benefits that should help convince you to get outside and start walking this spring.

We know the thought of going on a hike can be intimidating: you have to wear the right clothes, bring plenty of water, pick your route, find a parking spot at the trailhead, and on and on. You might suffer from chronic pain or a recent injury that makes hiking seem even less enjoyable. Luckily we have the answers to all these problems!

It’s true that you should be properly attired and adequately prepared before going on a hike. Sunburn and dehydration are some of the most common hiking-related ailments, so wearing protective clothing and sunscreen and staying hydrated are definitely important. But hiking doesn’t have to be a huge expedition: a hike can be as simple as a quarter-mile loop trail, or even a walk around the local park.

If you’re lucky enough to live near trailheads or nature preserves, a quick hike is as easy as hopping in the car and bringing a water bottle. If you don’t have anything like that nearby, you’ll have to get creative: local parks are a great option, or you could take up mall-walking like we’ve discussed in a previous blog post. Or you can simply go for a walk around your neighborhood: you’ll never know what overlooked sights you’ll find!

As for injuries or pain holding you back, the answer is even simpler: Z-Coil orthopedic footwear. We offer a variety of shoe styles suitable for all kinds of applications, including classic walking shoes and heavy-duty supportive hiking boots. Z-CoiLs make hiking a low-impact, pain-free endeavor thanks to our cutting-edge therapeutic footwear technology! Lace up a pair of Z-CoiLs, find your nearest piece of nature, and sneak in quick hike – it’s easier than you think.