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Slip-Resistant Z-CoiLs for Work

Slip-Resistant Z-CoiLs for Work Z-CoiL Pain Relief Orthotic Shoes

Slipping and falling at work is a surprisingly common problem for folks. There are over 1 million slip and fall accidents per year that result in emergency room visits. And slips and falls are the leading cause of Worker’s Compensation claims, resulting in over $70 billion being spent on claims and medical appointments each year. There are an estimated 25,000 slips and falls per day, which result in 65% of all workdays lost.

Those are some shocking numbers, especially for a problem that is, in many ways, preventable. Because it is such a prevalent issue, many employers are encouraged directly by their insurance companies to instate safety and maintenance protocols. They’re also encouraged to consider offering an incentive program to employees to encourage them to wear slip-resistant shoes for work.

Here’s the thing though… Yes, an employer can and should take action to make their work environment safe for all, but as responsible individuals, we would be smart to take some initiative for our own safety and purchase anti-slip shoes.

What’s Different about Slip-Resistant Shoes?

The most common reasons for slippage are wet floors and greasy floors. A normal shoe will slip easily on such a surface.

A basic athletic shoe, for example, has wide smooth tread. Great for performing on the stop and go surfaces of pavement, a gym floor, or turf. But put them on a wet or greasy floor and you’re wearing skis!

Dress shoes for either gender are even worse. Smooth-soled loafers, oxfords, high heels, sandals…all of these, while they are traditional workplace attire, are little better than ice skates when they encounter wet or greasy floors. Work boots, for all their rugged durability, are often the same way.

Non-slip shoes for work, on the other hand, are specifically designed to grip surfaces through water or grease. Look at the major differences between the athletic shoe soles and our Z-CoiL slip-resistant soles pictured here. Can you see how our slip-resistant design would hang onto a slippery floor much better than ye olde average shoe tread?

Z-CoiL’s Anti-Slip Shoes

Z-CoiL products are all designed to maximize your ability to use your feet, and that includes being able to stay on them! Our clientele are busy living their lives and we want them to stay that way. Uninjured, mobile, and thriving.

We have several shoes that combine our patented foot support designs with slip-resistant soles. And for those who just want a little extra help navigating the world but who don’t spend a huge amount of time on slippery floors, we also have partially slip-resistant soles. And when you go to replace your Z-CoiL heels for either an open coil or a closed coil, you can buy slip-resistant heels for brand new traction.

Live pain free! That means proper foot cushioning and support that aligns your body properly and helps alleviate everything from plantar fasciitis to shin splints to knee pain to back pain. That also means staying on your feet when you hit wet patches of floor. You know you will—be ready for them with good slip-resistant shoes! If you have questions about our slip-resistant shoes for work or need help finding the ideal fit, contact us by calling 1-800-268-6239 or emailing