Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Jan 16th 2021

As winter settles in and we spend more time inside, it's a good time to check-up on a part of you often overlooked: your feet! Feet work hard to keep you going, but too often, we don't pay much attent … read more

The Impossibles: Jon Ard

Dec 30th 2020

We often hear stories from people who say their pain was so bad, they thought the idea of living a normal life again was impossible. And then they tried Z-CoiL. Meet The Impossibles: real people who s … read more

Tour of the Foot: Arches

Oct 19th 2020

For the last stop on our Tour of the Foot, we’re looking at the arch: one of the most individual and yet overlooked aspects of the foot, the arch is a huge part of determining shoe fit. Differently … read more

Tour of the Foot: Toes

Sep 25th 2020

Continuing our Tour of the Foot series, this month we’re taking a look at toes! You probably don’t think about them much unless you stub them on something, but toes are an important part of the foot – … read more

Tour of the Foot: Plantar Ligaments

Aug 10th 2020

As we continue our Tour of the Foot, this month we look at an invisible but very important part of your foot: the plantar ligaments. If your plantar ligaments are healthy and functioning correctly, yo … read more