Tie Your Shoes Faster and More Securely

Mar 12th 2019

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Ballroom Dancing: Staying Classy & Active

Feb 12th 2019

A romantic dance with your partner isn’t just a great idea for Valentine’s Day, it’s a great idea year-round – not just for the health of your relationship, but for the health of your body, too!St … read more

Mall Walking: The Perfect Winter Exercise

Jan 2nd 2019

Welcome to 2019, ya’ll, here’s to all of us! No matter what the balance of our bank account, who we vote for, what kind of music we like, or what church we do or don’t attend, we are all in this n … read more

Setting the Right Resolutions

Dec 24th 2018

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How Much Water is Enough?

Dec 10th 2018

There seems to be much debate over how much water we’re supposed to drink. The answer used to be eight glasses (64 oz.) per day, but nowadays the answer isn’t quite so simple.The 64 oz. per day ru … read more