Keep Your Car in the Garage

Jun 14th 2019

Here at Z-CoiL we’re not averse to crazy-sounding ideas. After all, who would have predicted that a spring-heeled shoe would be a revolutionary development in therapeutic footwear? But thinking ou … read more

Sneak in a Short Hike

May 6th 2019

It’s springtime: the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the Z-CoiL patented self-collapsing heel coils are reducing your pain with every step!There are a ton of fu … read more

Spring Fashion Footwear

Apr 11th 2019

Don’t sacrifice comfort to refresh your spring fashion wardrobe! We’ve heard the saying that “beauty is pain,” but we don’t agree: women’s footwear can be stylish and supportive, you just have to … read more

Tie Your Shoes Faster and More Securely

Mar 12th 2019

You do it every day without even thinking about it. You’ve done it the same way your whole life and never questioned it. It’s just part of your routine, as automatic and effortless as brushing you … read more

Ballroom Dancing: Staying Classy & Active

Feb 12th 2019

A romantic dance with your partner isn’t just a great idea for Valentine’s Day, it’s a great idea year-round – not just for the health of your relationship, but for the health of your body, too!St … read more