Advanced Walking Tips

May 18th 2023

If you’ve been reading our Walking Is Living series, hopefully, you’ve been inspired to start walking and make it a habit. If you’ve been walking regularly for months and even years, it can be hard to … read more

Plan Your Next Walking Adventure

Apr 5th 2023

So far in our Walking Is Living series we have talked about why walking is a good way to stay healthy, lose weight, boost your mood and save money. All of this is true, but it sounds too muc … read more

Walking: The Original Renewable Energy

Feb 11th 2023

Walking regularly not only provides a whole host of health benefits, it can also bring important financial advantages. With high gas prices making commuting more difficult, it’s time to remember that … read more

Walk Your Way To A New Life

Jan 11th 2023

A lot of people, when they reach middle age, start to feel like they’ve hit a dead end and their life is in a rut. Life becomes a tedious routine of going to work, shuttling kids to school and to thei … read more

Let Your Dog Take You For A Walk

Nov 4th 2022

Developing a regular walking habit brings all sorts of health benefits, both physical and mental. But sticking to a walking routine can be hard sometimes. One day you feel you’re too tired to go for a … read more
Common Misconceptions About Plantar Fasciitis

Common Misconceptions About Plantar Fasciitis

Oct 6th 2022

Plantar fasciitis charts as one of the most common causes of heel pain. It occurs when the tissue between your heel bone and toes becomes inflamed, causing sharp, jolting pain when on your feet. Despi … read more