The Problem With Modern Footwear

May 10th 2022

Every time you walk, the impact of your foot hitting the ground sends tremendous stress up your foot, ankle, legs, knees and hips. Most modern shoes cannot handle this type of stress, which is a … read more

Correcting Over-Pronation

May 10th 2022

When you over-pronate, you roll too far to the inside of your foot when you walk. You can often tell if you're over-pronating if you wear out the inside of your shoes in the forefoot. When you over-pr … read more

How To Pick The Right Shoes for Warehouse Work

Apr 28th 2022

Being able to pick the best shoes for a warehouse job is as important a skill as picking products from the shelves. After all, moving stock, lifting heavy loads, standing, sitting, squatting, and walk … read more

The Gait Cycle & The Kinetic Chain

Apr 6th 2022

Humans propel themselves today through the hard concrete jungle the same way previous humans did for thousands of years on the soft natural earth. The difference is that your feet weren't made for sta … read more