The Impossibles: June Atkinson

Feb 10th 2021

Restaurant owner and snowboarder June Atkinson's knees were in really bad shape after multiple surgeries that left no cartilage. Every day her knees would swell up in terrible pain. It seemed like the … read more

Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Jan 16th 2021

As winter settles in and we spend more time inside, it's a good time to check-up on a part of you often overlooked: your feet! Feet work hard to keep you going, but too often, we don't pay much attent … read more

The Impossibles: Jon Ard

Dec 30th 2020

We often hear stories from people who say their pain was so bad, they thought the idea of living a normal life again was impossible. And then they tried Z-CoiL. Meet The Impossibles: real people who s … read more

Tour of the Foot: Arches

Oct 19th 2020

For the last stop on our Tour of the Foot, we’re looking at the arch: one of the most individual and yet overlooked aspects of the foot, the arch is a huge part of determining shoe fit. Differently … read more