Engineered For Pain Relief: Rocker Bottom

Aug 7th 2023

Z-CoiL footwear has been meticulously designed by foot experts to deliver maximum pain relief. In our Engineered For Pain Relief series, we are looking at how each of the components in a pair of … read more

Engineered for Pain Relief: Z-Orthotic

Jul 19th 2023

Z-CoiL is more than just footwear — it is a meticulously engineered tool designed by pain relief experts with a thorough understanding of how your feet's bones, ligaments, and muscles function du … read more

Walking Is Living Series

Jun 6th 2023

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Advanced Walking Tips

May 18th 2023

If you’ve been reading our Walking Is Living series, hopefully, you’ve been inspired to start walking and make it a habit. If you’ve been walking regularly for months and even years, it can be hard to … read more

Plan Your Next Walking Adventure

Apr 5th 2023

So far in our Walking Is Living series we have talked about why walking is a good way to stay healthy, lose weight, boost your mood and save money. All of this is true, but it sounds too muc … read more