The Impossibles: Rick

Jul 22nd 2021

This month's Impossibles story comes from Rick S. from Nevada. He sent us a heartfelt email that started with, "Finally a chance to say "thanks"..."Rick is 73 years old and tells us that thanks to Z-C … read more

The Impossibles: Ahmad

Jun 21st 2021

Working long shifts can be grueling no matter what the job is, but take those long shifts and put them on a concrete floor in an IT data center that is approximately 55,000 square feet and you have a … read more

The Impossibles: Donna

Jun 1st 2021

At 5 feet tall and 207 lbs, Donna was struggling through life. She was constantly tired, had trouble breathing, and her back, leg, and foot pain were never-ending. Walking was difficult and walking … read more

The Impossibles: Michelle Collins

Apr 26th 2021

Meet Michelle Collins. This lady has been through an impossible journey. But no matter what life threw at her, she continued fighting and she persevered.When Michelle was 17 years old, she broke her l … read more